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1 How fast do you have to go to leave the Earth's atmosphere?
It's about 11 km/s for Earth if it was calculated when r = distance between center of gravity and the surface of Earth.
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2 Escape velocity - Wikipedia
The escape speed is independent of the mass of the escaping object. For example, the escape speed from Earth's surface is about 11.186 km/s (40,270 km/h; 25,020 ...
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3 Why is it necessary to travel 11km per second to escape the ...,,-197342,00.html
The 11 km/hr is the minimum speed necessary at the surface of the earth, to enable travelling any arbitrary distance from the earth without any means of ...
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4 How fast does a rocket have to travel to get into space?
This really depends on what you mean by "into space." If you just want to get into orbit around the Earth, you need to reach speeds of at least 4.9 miles ...
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5 Learn How Escape Velocity Works and How to Calculate ...
In theoretical terms, the escape velocity at the surface of Earth is 11.2 km per second (6.96 miles per second). The escape velocity on the ...
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6 What is escape velocity?
Escape velocity is the speed that an object needs to be traveling to break free of a planet or moon's gravity well and leave it without further propulsion.
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7 Escape velocity | Definition, Formula, Earth, Moon, & Facts
escape velocity, in astronomy and space exploration, the velocity needed for a body to escape from a gravitational centre of attraction without undergoing ...
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8 What is Earth's Escape Velocity?
Earth's escape velocity is 11.186 km/s. So, if a free body travels at this speed, it can break away from Earth's gravity into outer space.
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9 Couldn't I escape Earth's gravity traveling only 1 mph (0.45 m/s)?
It is said that in order for an object or a projectile to leave Earth's gravitational pull, it must reach Earth's escape velocity, meaning reach a speed of 7 ...
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10 How Long Does it Take the Space Shuttle to Leave Earth's ...
› Science
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11 Escape Velocity - Vanderbilt University
Escape Velocity. How did the gas giants sweep up and hold onto their gaseous atmospheres? How does the Earth hold onto it's atmosphere?
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12 Escape Velocity: Fun and Games - NASA
› foreducators › features › F_Esc...
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13 The escape of helium from the Earth's atmosphere - MacDonald
The average rate of thermal escape averaged over the last solar cycle is 6 × 104 atoms cm−2 sec−1. The present abundance of helium in the atmosphere would ...
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14 Why Is It So Difficult For A Returning Spacecraft To Re-Enter ...
To skim the Earth's atmosphere in orbit, your spacecraft has to travel at least as fast as 7.8 km / second, or about 17,500 mph. The Earth ...
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15 how far is it to space and how long does it take ... - Launch Zone
In a space rocket you can get out of the atmosphere in about 5-10minutes! This is because you have go at least 25,020 mph to get into orbit ...
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16 Escape Velocity - The Rocket Science Blog -
Well, the ship can fall faster and faster and faster towards the surface of the moon, gaining almost all of the 5,300 MPH, and at the last ...
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17 Escape of an Atmosphere - Planetary Science
The general rule is: if the average gas molecule speed for a type of gas is less than than 0.2×(the escape velocity), then more than 1/2 of that ...
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18 Orbital Speed - XKCD: What If?
... point in the atmosphere where it would only need a small rocket to get to escape velocity? ... It's hard to get to orbit because you have to go so fast.
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19 Rocket speed
A slower projectile will fall back to Earth. The 'second cosmic velocity' is the so-called escape velocity from the Earth: 11.2 kilometers per second. This is ...
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20 How long does it take to get to space? Astronauts reveal how ...
Firstly, let's definite what "space" is. If we're talking about the end of the Earth's atmosphere, it's generally accepted to be about 100km (62 ...
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21 Why doesn't Earth's atmosphere escape into space?
The end result is the same. 2. It's not actually a sudden drop-off. The atmosphere gets very thin much lower than 100 km, and continues extremely thinly out ...
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22 Can You Leaving Atmosphere quickly? : r/starcitizen - Reddit
That sounds very odd indeed. I don't think there's any kind of escape velocity implemented, and you should be able to leave atmo at several ...
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23 Atmosphere Escape | SpringerLink
Atmospheric escape refers to the loss of a planet's atmosphere to space. Broadly speaking, escape may be energy limited or diffusion limited ...
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24 How Fast do you Need to Go to Escape Earth's Orbit? - YouTube
Flammable Maths
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25 Why Does the Atmosphere Not Drift off Into Space?
If Earth were the size of a beach ball, the breathable atmosphere would be as thin as paper. Seeing our atmosphere from space shows us how thin and fragile it ...
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26 How Do Spacecraft Re-enter the Earth's Atmosphere?
Gravity will naturally pull an object back to Earth. But gravity alone would cause the object to fall dangerously fast. Luckily, Earth's atmosphere contains ...
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27 The Escape of Helium from the Earth's Atmosphere - NASA/ADS
The average rate of thermal escape averaged over the last solar cycle is 6 x 10~ atoms/cm2-sec. The present abundance of helium in the atmosphere would ...
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28 Escape Velocity - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
is known as the altitude of the orbit and is measured from the Earth's atmosphere to the satellite orbit. Figure 2.9 shows the graph of the escape velocity ...
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29 Do spacecraft slow down when they leave Earth's atmosphere? |
In order to leave the Earth's atmosphere a spacecraft needs to be travelling very quickly. In the atmosphere a spacecraft experiences drag, ...
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30 If this space study is right, humans have never left Earth's ...
It does mean, however, that humankind has yet to leave the Earth's atmosphere. The moon, the farthest point ever reached by astronauts, ...
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31 FAQ - Atmosphere - Planetary Science Institute
1. What makes an atmosphere? How can gases escape from a planet?If you are big enough planet, like Jupiter or Saturn, you kept the atmosphere that was the ...
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32 What Does a Reentry Look Like | The Aerospace Corporation
It is usually moving parallel to the ground, at a speed of about 7 km/sec or 17,500 miles per hour. The reentry can occur at any time of the day. These ...
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33 How Fast Rockets Must Travel to Escape Planets
Satellites fight gravity by going just fast enough to free-fall around the planet indefinitely, like the International Space Station, ...
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34 How much Delta-V required to escape the atmosphere?
I don't have an exact value for you - it will vary depending on your gravity turn, etc ...
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35 Why doesn't all our air disappear into space?
ASK A RESEARCHER: The atmosphere may be leaking more than you think, ... “These gases can't escape as long as there is earth that holds them ...
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36 What generates all the heat during re-entry when the space ...
As the shuttle gets lower, it eventually begins to plow through the Earth's atmosphere at initial speed of about 17,000 miles per hour! During re-entry, the ...
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37 Outer space may have just gotten a bit closer | Science | AAAS
The line where Earth's atmosphere wanes—and outer space begins—has long been up for ... he looked at a satellite's return to Earth, rather than its exit.
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38 Escape Velocity Calculator
How to calculate escape velocity · Determine the mass of the planet. · Determine the radius of the planet. · Substitute these values in the escape ...
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39 fastest spacecraft - The Worlds of David Darling
The highest speed at which a spacecraft has entered Earth's atmosphere is 29,000 mph (46,660 km/h) in the case of Stardust, comfortably surpassing the 24,790 ...
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40 What is space junk and why is it a problem?
Some objects in lower orbits of a few hundred kilometres can return quickly. They often re-enter the atmosphere after a few years and, for the most part, ...
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41 Why are the air molecules in our atmosphere not escaping ...
The answer is gravity – the same force that keeps us anchored to Earth. Molecules in our atmosphere are constantly moving, spurred on by energizing sunlight. ...
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42 [PDF] Delay Time for Terrestrial InfraRed Radiation to escape ...'s_Atmosphere
It is said that terrestrial InfraRed IR radiation gets trapped in the atmosphere by radiatively active gases which in turn heats the Earth.
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43 How does Earth keep its atmosphere? - EarthSky
Molecules in our atmosphere are constantly moving, spurred on by energizing sunlight. Some move quickly enough to escape the grip of Earth's ...
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44 At what distance does Earth no longer pull on an object?
Has an object ever left Earth's atmosphere through natural means? If I travelled at light speed, would far away objects disappear? © NASA/ ...
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45 Definition, Escape Velocity Equation, Examples - Formulas
For instance, if you see that a spacecraft leaves the earth's surface it requires a speed of 7 miles per second or about 25,000 miles per hour to leave the ...
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46 Getting rockets into space - Science Learning Hub
If you were in a rocket travelling upwards, at a height of 11 km, you would have passed 77.5% of the Earth's atmosphere. At 31 km, you would ...
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47 The curious case of Earth's leaking atmosphere
Earth's atmosphere is leaking. Every day, around 90 tonnes of material escapes from our planet's upper atmosphere and streams out into space.
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48 Space - Brown University
To escape the atmosphere, rockets travel at about 5 miles per second, and are typically launched close to the equator as the Earth's rotation "sling-shots" ...
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49 Kerbin - Kerbal Space Program Wiki - Fandom
The atmosphere is similar to Earth's (1 Atm Or Roughly 101 Kpa), so it is suitable for an Aero-brake. It fades to outer space at about 100 Km (but Kerbals ...
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50 Larger ships need to leave atmosphere MUCH faster
There was recent mention of the Starfarer going to have an even tougher time to leave atmosphere. This makes no sense. First and foremost it simply is not ...
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51 The Edge of Space Just Crept 12 Miles Closer to Earth
Where does Earth's atmosphere end and space begin? ... when a craft dipped below the 50-mile (80 km) mark, there was no hope of escape.
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52 What is the Kármán line, and where is the edge of space?
After that, he redid the von Kármán math and found that atmospheric contributions on orbiting spacecraft become negligible at around 50 miles up ...
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53 When Will Humans Truly Leave the Earth's Atmosphere?
But the topic on where Earth's atmosphere ends and where space begins has been long debated among scientists. And, spoiler alert, we still ...
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54 How do space rockets work? - Explain that Stuff
That doesn't mean Earth's atmosphere is all done and dusted by that point; far from it! The lowest satellites (known as low-earth orbit (LEO) ...
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55 Ask an Explainer - for How Things Fly
How long did it take the Saturn V to leave the Earth's atmosphere? ... A: The Saturn V or Saturn 5 rocket is a launch vehicle capable of bringing ...
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56 Atmospheric Escape and the Evolution of Close-In Exoplanets
... THE LONG-TERM EVOLUTION OF EXOPLANETS UNDERGOING ATMOSPHERIC ESCAPE ... Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences Atmospheric Escape from Solar ...
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57 Will Earth run out of water? | AMNH
Water, as a vapor in our atmosphere, could potentially escape into space from Earth. But the water doesn't escape because certain regions of the atmosphere ...
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58 What if Space Junk and Climate Change Become the Same ...
The escape of heat causes the volume of the atmosphere to decrease. This results in atmospheric contraction, which reduces its density at a ...
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59 Where is space? - noaa/nesdis
If we define getting to space by the strictest of terms—that is, by escaping Earth's atmosphere completely—you may have to travel over 600 ...
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60 Why does hydrogen escape faster from earths atmosphere ...
Why does hydrogen escape faster from earths atmosphere than oxygen? Answer : Root mean square velocity of the molecule of a gas Therefore r.m.s. velocity of ...
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61 1 The Atmosphere of Pluto as Observed by New Horizons G ...
hydrodynamic-like escape of Pluto's atmosphere to space. ... particles would be expected to traverse this region much faster, in ~10 Earth days. Dynamics.
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62 3. Force and Gravity - Princeton Physics
moves faster than 8 km per second, it leaves the circular orbit and heads out into space. ... This velocity is called the escape velocity.
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63 Simulations suggest Earth's oxygen-rich atmosphere will last ...
› Earth › Earth Sciences
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64 Elon Musk's SpaceX Rocket Tore a Hole in the Atmosphere
› 2018/03/26 › elon-musk-spacex-f...
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65 European satellite burns up after plunging into Earth's ...
A 1-ton European science satellite plunged back into Earth's atmosphere and incinerated with debris most likely landing in the southern ...
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66 Planet Earth: Facts about our home planet -
About a fifth of Earth's atmosphere consists of oxygen, ... under the force of its own gravity, it spun faster and flattened into a disk.
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67 The Earth-Atmosphere Energy Balance
However, since the Earth is much cooler than the Sun, its radiating energy is much weaker (long wavelength) infrared energy. We can indirectly see this ...
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68 Atmospheric Re-entry (pdf) - Purdue College of Engineering
unmanned vehicles for hypersonic re-entry into the earth's atmosphere from ... It was soon discovered that delivery accuracy could be.
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69 Russian rocket stage makes uncontrolled entry into Earth's ...
Most space debris burns up on reentry to Earth's atmosphere and poses ... compared to around 20 tons for the Chinese Long March 5B rocket, ...
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70 The Exosphere - UCAR Center for Science Education
However, some of the faster-moving particles don't return to Earth - they fly off into space instead! A small portion of our atmosphere "leaks" away into ...
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71 How do satellites stay in orbit? | IOPSpark - Institute of Physics
If the satellite is thrown out too fast it will escape from the Earth's orbit ... a resistive force or drag due to the thin atmosphere which they encounter.
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72 Space: How cold does it get when we leave Earth? - BBC Future
But hang on. Evidently you don't hit temperatures that low the moment you step outside the Earth's atmosphere. Heat is streaming from the Sun to ...
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73 Video Shows a Meteoroid Skipping off Earth's Atmosphere
And like a rock “skipping off” a lake, the meteoroid also briefly enters the atmosphere before exiting again.
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74 Astronaut John Glenn and the Friendship 7 Mission
... life-saving heat shield would hold while reentering the atmosphere. ... as he prepared to exit the capsule after a safe splashdown.
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75 The Kármán Line: Where does space begin? |
This altitude corresponds with the mesopause, which is the outermost physical boundary of Earth's atmosphere where meteors typically burn up.
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76 Blue Sky Science: How do rockets get past Earth's atmosphere?
Feb 26, 2017 —
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77 Escape Velocity - Physics
How fast would you have to throw an object so it never came back down? This is the escape speed - the minimum speed required to escape a planet's gravitational ...
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78 Defying Gravity: Must What Go Up, Always Come Down?
a quick game to understand escape velocity (Photo Credit : ANTSTUDIO/Shutterstock) ... and atmospheric friction, which makes it decelerate.
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79 Earth is Shrinking! Scientists Reveal It's Due to the ...
Atmospheric Escape: How Some Gases Evade Earth? Earth's atmosphere is a thin layer of gas that keeps everything below warm and makes life on the ...
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80 Space Launch Start-Up Just Used A Giant Centrifuge To Fling ...
In this way, the company, based in Long Beach, Calif., hopes to challenge ... “Because kinetically launched satellites exit the atmosphere ...
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81 Solved 3.53 Earth is losing its supply of helium by escape
Transcribed image text: 3.53 Earth is losing its supply of helium by escape from the atmosphere, because helium has a high median speed and (unlike hydrogen ...
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82 How do greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere?
Methane, another greenhouse gas, reacts easily with oxygen, which removes it from the atmosphere within around 12 years. That's long enough to ...
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83 SpinLaunch FAQ
When the launch vehicle exits the vacuum chamber will it hit a wall of ... How fast is the launch vehicle going when it's released it into the atmosphere?
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84 Atmospheric Structure
The troposphere is the atmospheric layer closest to the planet and contains the ... an upward travelling molecule can escape to space (if it is moving fast ...
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85 Frictionless Reentry - TV Tropes
Space travel is fast, and hitting the atmosphere at the kind of speed you'd have in orbit will make your spacecraft hot. Very hot. Atmospheric friction takes ...
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86 Watch A Rocket Launch And Leave Earth's Atmosphere, As ...
If you hang around a while longer -- say around 50 seconds you'll see the detached module return to Earth and burn up in the atmosphere. In case ...
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87 Does outer space end – or go on forever? - The Conversation
Floating around the atmosphere is a mixture of molecules – tiny bits of air ... If you could watch for long enough, over millions of years, ...
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88 How to completley get out of atmosphere? - Steam Community
You Burn so long that your Apoapsis(highest point of your orbit) is around 100km. Then you wait till you reach the Apoapsis and burn prograde( ...
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89 The Atmosphere and the Water Cycle | U.S. Geological Survey
› water-science-school › science
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90 What Would Happen If Earth's Atmosphere Vanished?
We can't survive long in a vacuum, which is what we'd have if the atmosphere suddenly vanished. It would be much like being "spaced' or shot ...
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91 Is there a net loss of water from the upper atmosphere?
The escape velocity is the minimum speed needed for an object to escape from the gravitational influence of Earth. The escape velocity is a ...
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92 OSHA Confined Spaces Advisor Definitions
Hazardous atmosphere means an atmosphere that may expose employees to the risk ... of ability to self-rescue (that is, escape unaided from a permit space), ...
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93 Facts on Reentry into the Earth's Atmosphere - Sciencing
In order to be in orbit in the first place, a spacecraft or satellite must have achieved escape velocity. This velocity, dependent on the ...
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94 "How far did Alan Shepherd's golf ball go when he hit it on the ...
Could somebody theoretically hit a ball hard enough to make it leave the moon ... reason a golf ball travels farther on the moon is its lack of atmosphere.
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95 [Solved] There is no atmosphere on the moon. It is because
"The reason is The gravitational force is comparitively small. So, the escape velocity is small and gases have lesser gravitational force. Concept: ...
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96 Atmospheric Scientists, Including Meteorologists
Job Outlook. Employment of atmospheric scientists, including meteorologists is projected to grow 4 percent from 2021 to 2031, about as fast as ...
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97 A Guide to Atmosphere-Supplying Respirators - CDC
At a minimum, the breathing air must meet the requirements for Grade D breathing air.2 They can be lightweight and used for long, continuous periods in ...
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