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1 SQL DISTINCT [Alternative Using] - Stack Overflow
I have a simple query on Oracle. SELECT DISTINCT City, Name, Surname FROM Persons. Is there any alternative sql query for the same query ...
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2 Oracle SQL Query Tuning Hints - Akadia
The DISTINCT operator causes Oracle to fetch all rows satisfying the table join and then sort and filter out duplicate values.
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3 Alternative method of using distinct keyword in SQL
Can you please suggest me any alternative approach of using Distinct key word in SQL? I do not want to use DISTINCT keyword fo.
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4 10 Oracle SQL features you probably didn't know - svenweller
Oracle provides the CONCAT character function as an alternative to the ... Instead of doing a SELECT DISTINCT you can do SELECT UNIQUE.
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5 Oracle SELECT DISTINCT By Practical Examples
The DISTINCT clause is used in a SELECT statement to filter duplicate rows in the result set. It ensures that rows returned are unique for the column or columns ...
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6 SQL Query to Get Distinct Records Without Using Distinct ...
Here we are going to see how to retrieve unique (distinct) records from a Microsoft SQL Server's database table without using the DISTINCT ...
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7 An Alternative for DISTINCT AND GROUP BY by using ...
An Alternative for DISTINCT AND GROUP BY by using ROW_NUMBER(). ASFSDJG. Mr or Mrs. 500. Points: 500. More actions.
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8 What's the Difference Between UNIQUE and DISTINCT in SQL?
The DISTINCT keyword in SQL is used with the SELECT statement. By using SELECT immediately followed by the DISTINCT keyword, all the duplicate ...
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9 Oracle Sql Distinct Vs Unique With Code Examples
The DISTINCT operator causes Oracle to fetch all rows satisfying the table join and then sort and filter out duplicate values. EXISTS is a faster alternative, ...
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10 SQL SELECT DISTINCT: Performance Best Practices
When using DISTINCT, Hash Match aggregates the results to produce unique values. Here's one example. USE AdventureWorks GO -- Get unique first ...
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11 Select distinct Values without using DISTINCT keyword
1.query to select unique records using distinct keyword. SELECT DISTINCT * FROM DUP_VALUES_TBL; or SELECT DISTINCT DUP_ID,DUP_NAME FROM ...
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12 Use Subqueries to Count Distinct 50X Faster - Sisense
We've taken the inner count-distinct-and-group and broken it up into two pieces. The inner piece computes distinct (dashboard_id, user_id) pairs. The second ...
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13 SQL Alternative to UNION clause - Burleson Consulting
SQL Alternative to UNION clause. Expert Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonDecember 23, 2015. Question: I am running a SQL statement ...
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14 How to speed up select distinct?
You probably don't want to hear this, but the best option to speed up SELECT DISTINCT is to avoid DISTINCT to begin with.
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The DISTINCT predicate is similar to the UNIQUE predicate, except in the way it treats nulls. If all the values in a result table are UNIQUE, ...
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16 NULL -Aware Comparison: is [not] distinct from - Modern SQL
Proprietary Alternatives · Exists , select without from , intersect · decode — Db2, Oracle, H2 · is — SQLite, H2 · <=> — MySQL, MariaDB · ANSI_NULLS — SQL Server.
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17 How we made DISTINCT queries up to 8000x faster on ...
TimescaleDB Skip Scan can dramatically improve DISTINCT query speed vs. ... Other databases like MySQL, Oracle, and DB2 implement a feature ...
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18 How SQL DISTINCT and ORDER BY are Related - jOOQ blog
SELECT DISTINCT length FROM film ORDER BY length ... Most databases fail this query with an exception like Oracle's:
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19 Oracle: DISTINCT Clause - ProgramsBuzz
DISTINCT Clause in Oracle is used to remove the duplicate entries from the table. The clause is always used to filter the duplicate values ...
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20 Thread: alternative for 'Distinct' - Forums
Hi Friends, Could anyone plz tell me what is the alternative for 'Distinct' keyword in Oracle 9i. ... "Greatest Rewards come only with Greatest ...
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21 Performance Surprises and Assumptions : GROUP BY vs ...
However, in more complex cases, DISTINCT can end up doing more work. Essentially, DISTINCT collects all of the rows, including any expressions ...
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22 How Does SELECT DISTINCT Work in SQL? - eduCBA
DISTINCT keyword in SQL is used to fetch only unique records from a database table. It is usually used in conjunction with the SELECT statement.
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23 Performance Tuning » alternative for DISTINCT - OraFAQ Forum
Oracle internally treats a DISTINCT the same way it treats GROUP BY, so you cannot make it faster - but depending on the complexity of the ...
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24 Alternative ways to include NULL values while using SQL ...
With COALESCE function - MySQL/SQL Server/SQLite/PostgreSQL/Oracle · With IFNULL function in MySQL/SQLite · With ISNULL function in SQL Server.
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25 Documentation: 15: SELECT - PostgreSQL
SELECT DISTINCT eliminates duplicate rows from the result. SELECT DISTINCT ON eliminates rows that match on all the specified expressions.
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26 OFFSET is bad for skipping previous rows - Use The Index, Luke
The Oracle database supports offset since release 12c. ... yield a deterministic sort order, just add any unique column(s) and extend the index accordingly.
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27 What is the Difference Between Unique and Distinct in SQL
The main difference between Unique and Distinct in SQL is that Unique helps to ensure that all the values in a column are different while ...
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28 How to select distinct values from query results in PostgreSQL
DISTINCT is used to remove duplicate rows from the SELECT query and only display one unique row from result set. Examples. Let's set up a new ...
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29 Converting and optimizing queries from Oracle Database to ...
Cloud SQL for MySQL joins support the use of alternate syntax, ... ROWID, Oracle assigns each row of a table a unique ROWID to identify the row in the table ...
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30 Oracle / PLSQL: Unique Constraints - TechOnTheNet
In Oracle, a unique constraint can not contain more than 32 columns. · A unique constraint can be defined in either a CREATE TABLE statement or an ALTER TABLE ...
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31 Oracle LISTAGG Function Usage, Tips & Examples
Can You Run Oracle LISTAGG With DISTINCT Results? What Is The Oracle LISTAGG LIMIT? Is There An Oracle LISTAGG Alternative? Does Oracle LISTAGG ...
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32 RANK and DENSE_RANK Analytic Functions - Oracle Base
› articles › misc › rank-dense-ra...
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33 EXCEPT - MariaDB Knowledge Base
EXCEPT ALL and EXCEPT DISTINCT were introduced in MariaDB 10.5.0. The ALL operator leaves duplicates intact, while the DISTINCT operator removes duplicates.
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34 How to generate random unique values - Connor McDonald
When sequences won't do In an Oracle database if someone comes to you and ... An alternative to sequences for these scenarios is to use a ...
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35 Count Distinct and Window Functions - Simple Talk
2nd Query Level ; ItemsPerOrder: We make a SUM on the results of the COUNT, this will aggregate the different counts. ; Total: A simple SUM over ...
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36 SQL and Hive GROUP BY Alternative-Example -
But, GROUP BY and DISTINCT operations are costly. It is applicable to both Hive and relational databases. But, in some cases, you can rewrite ...
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37 MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual :: DISTINCT Optimization
In most cases, a DISTINCT clause can be considered as a special case of GROUP BY . For example, the following two queries are equivalent: SELECT DISTINCT c1, c2 ...
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38 Overview of the SQL Count Distinct Function - SQLShack
We can use SQL DISTINCT function on a combination of columns as well. It checks for the combination of values and removes if the combination is ...
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39 Porting from Oracle to PostgreSQL
In Oracle “distinct” and “unique” keywords are synonymous in the select statement. ... The alternative is to use separate databases: You have to connect to.
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40 Group By Vs Distinct Difference In SQL Server - C# Corner
When you have a result set containing more than one duplicate records, then you can get unique results out of that by using DISTINCT. For ...
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41 collect enhancements in 11g release 2 -
An alternative MULTISET method we can use is the MULTISET UNION DISTINCT operator. This is used to perform a union of two collections, as the following query ...
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42 SQL SELECT UNIQUE - javatpoint
Actually, there is no difference between DISTINCT and UNIQUE. SELECT UNIQUE is an old syntax which was used in oracle description but later ANSI standard ...
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43 Oracle GROUP_CONCAT() Equivalent - Database.Guide
The LISTAGG() function also enables us to order the results, return only unique values (via the DISTINCT clause), and more. See LISTAGG() ...
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44 Oracle unique constraints - SQLS*Plus
In Oracle, the unique restriction may not contain more than 32 columns. · The unique restriction can be defined either in the CREATE TABLE ...
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45 Alternative to group by function using oracle - Experts Exchange
Also, rather than using distinct in both halves of the union all query, why not just use union, which will guarantee distinct records?
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46 15 Things You Should Know about the ORDER BY Clause
Answers to these questions and more about Oracle's ORDER BY clause. ... It is a myth that DISTINCT and GROUP BY will sort data so ORDER BY ...
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47 How to Make Select Query Faster in Oracle - DNSstuff
Work on faster Oracle SQL databases with SELECT query tuning tips. ... You should also avoid using SELECT DISTINCT where possible.
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48 Best alternative for Oracle SQL Developer for macOS? - Reddit
Hey all- been using Oracle SQL Developer for ages, but I'm sure there has to be a favorite alternative for it, in macOS.
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If you need distinct firstnames and lastnames, then which oc to choose if there are alternatives? If possible, you can show some sample data ...
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› 2009/09/17 › not-in-vs-n...
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51 approx_count_distinct : Oracle Database 12c - Techgoeasy
It's alternative to the COUNT (DISTINCT expr) function, which returns the exact number of rows that contain distinct values of expr.
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52 SQL - TOP, LIMIT or ROWNUM Clause - Tutorialspoint
Note − All the databases do not support the TOP clause. For example MySQL supports the LIMIT clause to fetch limited number of records while Oracle uses the ...
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53 How to Replace a Bitmap Index | Data Warehousing with Oracle
On a table ORDERS, we have a column ACTIVE with two distinct values 'Y' and 'N', ... But what is the alternative for our use case?
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54 DESC[RIBE] (SQL*Plus command) - Oracle - SS64
Describe an Oracle Table, View, Synonym, package or Function. ... DESC user.object_name will always identify a distinct database object because a user's ...
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55 PostgreSQL SELECT DISTINCT By Practical Examples
The DISTINCT clause is used in the SELECT statement to remove duplicate rows from a result set. The DISTINCT clause keeps one row for each group of duplicates.
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56 Function similar to LISTAGG in Oracle - Denodo community
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57 EXCEPT Clause in SQL Server is Similar to MINUS Clause in ...
Absolutely, EXCEPT clause in SQL Server is exactly similar to MINUS operation in Oracle. The EXCEPT query and MINUS query returns all rows ...
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58 SQL Aggregate Functions in SQL Server, Oracle and ...
Learn similarities and differences of aggregate functions for Having, Order By, Distinct, Partition By and more in SQL Server, Oracle and ...
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59 Techniques for improving the performance of SQL queries ...
For Oracle databases, see the Oracle documentation on how to update the ... DISTINCT and UNION operators cause sorting, which slows down the SQL execution.
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60 Basic SQL Select Statements Flashcards - Quizlet
When resolving arithmetic expressions, Oracle 12c always performs the ... The DISTINCT keyword can be used to indicate that duplicate data should be ...
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61 oci_database_management_ma...
... Report resource in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Management service. ... alternate_plan - The number of distinct SQL statements with alternative ...
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62 How to auto-optimize SQL code with Toad for Oracle Xpert ...
Jul 11, 2018
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63 5 Examples of a UNIQUE Constraint in a Relational Database
Example #1 - How to Create a UNIQUE Key · Selecting the table you want to modify and expand the Alternate (UNIQUE) Keys · Clicking on the Add key ...
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64 SQL MOD() function - w3resource
The SQL DISTINCT command along with the SQL MOD() function is used to ... shown here is taken by using Oracle Database 10g Express Edition.
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65 Tips on Indexed Columns in Oracle 12c - LogicalRead
Bitmap indexes present a viable indexing alternative for columns that have very few distinct values. Bitmap indexes are commonly used for ...
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66 SQL ANY and ALL Operators - W3Schools
The MySQL IFNULL() function lets you return an alternative value if an expression is NULL: ... The Oracle NVL() function achieves the same result:.
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67 Five Hints | Oracle Scratchpad -
The alternative is for Oracle to join t1 to t3 and then run the subquery for every row in the ... 6 | INDEX UNIQUE SCAN | T2_PK | 1 | | 1 |.
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68 15.10 - Distinct - Teradata Database
DISTINCT specifies that duplicate values are not to be returned when an expression is processed. Syntax Element … Specifies …
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69 Universally unique identifier - Wikipedia
A universally unique identifier (UUID) is a 128-bit label used for information in computer systems. The term globally unique identifier (GUID) is also used.
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70 Oracle "DISTINCT" vs. "SORT + Delete adjacent duplicates"
Hi Peter,. Because, "SELECT DISTINCT" does sort operation. If you take a look at same queries with the DISTINCT statement and without the ...
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71 SQL (Relational) Databases - FastAPI
PostgreSQL; MySQL; SQLite; Oracle; Microsoft SQL Server, etc. ... id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True, index=True) email = Column(String, unique=True, ...
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72 TypeORM - Amazing ORM for TypeScript and JavaScript (ES7 ...
Database can be one of the following values: mysql , mariadb , postgres , cockroachdb , sqlite , mssql , sap , spanner , oracle , mongodb , cordova ...
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73 oracle select unique, oracle sql distinct,
SELECT UNIQUE is an Oracle-only SQL statement. It is equivalent to SELECT DISTINCT. SELECT UNIQUE: one might say that there is something “distinctly” ...
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74 Scryfall Search Reference
This keyword usually checks the current Oracle text for cards, so it uses the most ... sets>=20 Cards that have been printed in 20 or more distinct sets.
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75 Prisma | Next-generation ORM for Node.js & TypeScript

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76 alternative for CONNECT_BY_ISLEAF function for Recursive ...
On our blog, we have been discussing the new hierarchical query functionality in Oracle Database 11g Release 2, using Recursive Suquery Factoring.
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77 Futaba Sakura | Megami Tensei Wiki - Fandom
Oracle (Code Name) ... Alibaba (alternative alias) ... but when counter-hacking the hostile Medjed she realizes that they do not use her distinct programs.
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78 BRIEF-Mars to buy VCA; deal for about $9.1 bln, including debt
Vca inc - upon completion of transaction, vca will operate as a distinct and separate business unit within mars petcare Source text for ...
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79 110 Synonyms & Antonyms for FEELING -
She said if Oracle or any new owner changed TikTok, it would be “big” and could potentially change the organic feeling of community that the app has created ...
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80 230+ Unique & Cool Baby Boy Names (With Meanings) | Peanut
Check out our list of cute and unique boy names and their meanings. ... Phineas: “Oracle” or “serpent's mouth”. Quill: 🖋️. Quincy: “Fifth”.
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81 3 Ultimate Ways To Find Unique Records In SQL
SQL Query to Get Distinct Records Without Using Distinct Keyword. ... for retrieving unique rows from dataset, these alternatives keep code ...
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82 What Venture Capital Can Do for Your Company |
Venture capital is a distinct subset of the alternative asset ... global leading tech companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Intel and Cisco.
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83 Support Library - Android Developers
There are a few distinct uses for the support libraries. ... check and provide alternative code to handle methods not available on a device.
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84 Primus - Transformers Wiki
A 2019 comic then saw the Oracle recreated into a new version of Vector Sigma ... In an alternate future, Unicron had destroyed Cybertron by the year 2009.
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85 reading school district collective bargaining agreement - Xlight
... 2255P - Alternative Learning Experience Programs Procedure, ... Community College Staff Directory, Alternative For Distinct In Oracle,.
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86 12 Greek Gods and Goddesses - Encyclopedia Britannica
The Oracle at Delphi was his mouthpiece; a 2001 study determined that the ... It follows that there is a third thing that is distinct from the other two.
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87 How is SQL Used in Data Science? |
The best alternative for several CRM, business intelligence tools, ... unbroken in relative databases like Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and MySQL.
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88 postgres excluded upsert
These are distinct from interesting/odd behavior that should be discussed ... introduce alternative sort orders, not alternative notions of equality).
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89 PostgreSQL DISTINCT Clause: Syntax & Query Examples
For each set of duplicates, the DISTINCT clause saves one row. PostgreSQL DISTINCT eliminates all duplicate rows and keeps just one entry for ...
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90 Pioneer Solution - Healthcare Solutions/Service Company
A better alternative came in the form of Pioneer whose leading-edge medical-grade mobile computing solutions addressed all the pressing challenges in the ...
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91 glove_vocab.250k.txt - Bar Ilan NLP Lab
... bar hear homes held shall movies received king unique forward description ... target mode battle alternative television absolutely wild respect minute ...
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