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1 The Right to Strike | National Labor Relations Board
Economic strikers defined. If the object of a strike is to obtain from the employer some economic concession such as higher wages, shorter hours, or better ...
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2 strike | industrial relations - Britannica
strike, collective refusal by employees to work under the conditions required by employers. Strikes arise for a number of reasons, though principally in ...
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3 Official Strike Definition - Investopedia
An official strike is a work stoppage by union members that is endorsed by the union and that follows the legal requirements for striking.
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4 What is Strike? definition, causes and types - Business Jargons
A strike is a situation in which the workers act in concert for stopping or denying to resume work. The relationship between the employer and employee continue ...
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5 strike | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute
Strike means an organized and intentional stoppage or slowdown of work by employees, intending to make the employer comply with the demands of the employees.
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6 * Business strike (Numismatic) - Lexicon & Encyclopedia
Business strike is a term that distinguishes coins created for commerce from commemorative coins and proof coins. · A business strike is a coin struck for the ...
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7 The Three Different Strike Types Used for Making Coins
The Circulation Strike (a.k.a. Business Strike) is the most common strike type used at the mint. Remember, the primary purpose of the United ...
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8 Definition of strike action that is protected - Example - ILO
Section 527. A strike is the collective suspension of work, agreed upon by a number of workers with the purpose of reaching a certain end. Section 528. The ...
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9 STRIKE | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
a strike (= time when workers refuse to work as a protest) that involves all employees of a company or all members of a union (= organization representing ...
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10 Industrial action | nidirect
strike - where workers refuse to work for the employer · action short of a strike - where workers take action such as working to rule, go slows, overtime bans or ...
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11 Definition of strikebreaking in Business.
Activity intended to disrupt or end without an agreement a strike by workers. Related Terms. picket line · Solidarity. Examples of strikebreaking in the ...
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12 General Strike - Financial Dictionary
1. A strike in which all or most workers in a city or region stop working. A general strike is not limited to one company and generally extends beyond a single ...
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13 strikes and other union activity - synonyms and related words
... strikes and other union activity, by Macmillan Dictionary and Thesaurus. ... a pause in an argument, especially one between a company's management and ...
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14 Taking part in industrial action and strikes: Overview - GOV.UK
Your employment rights during industrial action
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15 Strikes and lockouts - Employment New Zealand
Employers lockout employees when they close, suspend, or discontinue their business or a part of it, break some or all of an employee's employment agreement, ...
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16 Strike | Practical Law - Thomson Reuters
› ...
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17 Strike definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
Strike definition: When there is a strike , workers stop doing their work for a period of time, usually in... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and ...
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18 Strikes ( Factory or Industry) l Definition of Strike l Types of Strike
Strike action, also called labour strike, on strike, greve (of French: grève), or simply strike, is a work stoppage caused by the mass refusal of employees to ...
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19 Strike | Economics - Tutor2u
› economics › topics › strike
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20 Strikes | Nolo
A strike is a work stoppage caused by employees' refusal to work, typically to protest an employer decision (to close a plant, freeze wages, cut benefits, ...
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21 Strikes, Lockout & Picketing - Alberta Labour Relations Board
A strike includes (1) a cessation of work, (2) a refusal to work, or (3) a refusal to continue to work, by two or more employees for the purpose of compelling ...
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22 Business Strike On A Proof Planchet -
Definition: This occurs when a proof planchet is struck by business-strike dies. The 1977-D Eisenhower Dollar pictured below was struck at the Denver Mint. The ...
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23 Strike FAQ | UAW
A strike happens when workers collectively decide to withhold their labor, after authorization from the International. In the UAW, strikes are governed by the ...
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24 Strikes and Industrial Action | W.O.R.K - Young Scot
A strike or industrial action is an action taken caused by a dispute between Trade Union members and employers. It is a refusal to work by employees until the ...
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25 Labor Strike FAQs - FindLaw
For a strike to occur, a union or group of workers begins negotiations with an employer about the union members terms and conditions. A threat ...
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26 I. Strikes |
To determine whether public employees are engaged in a strike or withholding services the ... Conditions of employment are defined as “not only those duties ...
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27 Strikes, Lockouts, Picketing and Replacement Workers - go2HR
The purpose of picketing is to exert pressure on the employer by persuading other people not to do work for, or do business with, the employer. However, a ...
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28 Selective strike - Oxford Reference
A strike that involves only a proportion of the union members involved in an industrial dispute and therefore reduces the cost of industrial action to the ...
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29 What Are Business Strike Coins & How Are They Made?
Campbell's Coins
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30 Definitions for Common Labor Terms
Double Breasted Operation:A condition where an employer operates two closely related companies—one with a union contract and one without. Under such operation, ...
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31 The Coal Strike of 1902: Turning Point in U.S. Policy
After the Pullman strike, U.S. Commissioner of Labor Carroll D. Wright headed a ... Anthracite coal at the turn of the century was an unusual business.
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32 Trade disputes and industrial action - Citizens Information
The definition of trade union activity is activity carried out with the employer's consent or outside working hours. Strikes or other industrial ...
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33 Community Guidelines strike basics on YouTube
This article is about Community Guidelines strikes. ... This strike means you will not be allowed to do the following for 1 week:.
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34 3 Reasons for Legal Protection of a Right to Strike
› book › chapter
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35 Strike or labor dispute Definition | Law Insider
Strike or labor dispute means the withholding of employment services or other economic action by two or more employees that are represented by the union ...
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36 General strike - definition and meaning - Market Business News
A general strike is a strike that hits all or most industries and a large geographical area. The strike may affect a city, region, or even the whole country ...
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37 asg-for-strike-cost-redacted.pdf - IRS
In defining "taxable income from the property" for purposes of I.R.C. § 613, ... degree that such costs are normal operating expenses of a mining company, ...
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38 Industrial disputes - OECD
International comparability of data on strikes is affected by differences in definitions and measurement. Many countries exclude from their official records ...
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39 Findings of the IOE Member Country Survey on Strike Action
Annex I: The IOE questionnaire on strike action . ... Strike action, defined as work stoppages through ... concerns foreign companies posting workers to.
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40 Learn About Strike |
A strike means a situation where employees or workers refused to work under some required conditions by employers. In simple words, it means to stop the ...
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41 Strike Definition & Meaning |
Cultural definitions for strike ... A concerted refusal by employees in a particular business or industry to work. Its goal is usually to force employers to meet ...
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42 Bargaining Impasses: Strikes, Lockouts & Other Consequences
Brian can have the union workers go out on strike. A strike occurs when workers stop work in order to pressure the company to make a bargaining ...
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43 What is a strike? - Unit Guide
The concept of strikes is pretty straightforward: Stop working until certain demands are met, typically during the contract negotiation process. But there's a ...
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44 Work Stoppages: Frequently Asked Questions
A strike is a temporary stoppage of work by a group of workers (not necessarily union members) to express a grievance or enforce a demand. A ...
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45 What tools do employers have at their disposal to manage a ...
What means of action not only with regard to striking employees but ... a solidarity strike action to support an employee of the company is ...
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46 Are all types of strikes protected under the National Labor ...
Economic strikes, which may occur when there are disputes over wages or benefits. Recognition strikes, which are intended to force employers to recognize unions ...
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47 Business Cycles and Industrial Strike Activity - JSTOR
The Graduate School of Business of the University of Chicago ... [between strike and business cycles] ... Mitchell to define the expansion and con-.
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48 STRIKE GUIDELINE - Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr
definition includes overtime work, whether it is voluntary or compulsory”. A strike can take ... strike could have on the business of the primary employer.
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49 Beginner's Corner: The Business Strike - Modern Coin Mart
The business strike, sometimes called the circulation strike, refers to coins produced with the intent that they will circulate in everyday ...
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50 Glossary of Coin Terms - Heritage Auctions
A term applied to coins that have been spent in commerce. Circulation strike: A coin meant for commerce. An alternate term for Business Strike or Regular Strike ...
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51 all-out strike - Longman Dictionary
all-out strike meaning, definition, what is all-out strike: a strike involving all ... a strike involving all the workers in a company or union → strike.
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52 Industrial action | Disputes and grievances | UNISON National
Industrial action can include strike action (which is any concerted stoppage of work) or action short of strike action such as 'go-slows' or 'working to rule'.
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53 Labour Relations Code - BC Laws
57, Strikes and lockouts prohibited during term of collective agreement ... "business day" means a day other than Saturday, Sunday or another holiday;.
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54 Section 18. Organizing a Strike - Community Tool Box
Striking tests your ability to effectively confront the company (of ... of your committee's duties are clearly defined before you start.
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55 Strike rules in the EU27 and beyond
Picketing – strikers outside the premises of a business try to stop other workers from ... There is no precise definition of strike in Belgian law.
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56 Going on strike—be informed of the risks - ABCC
You will lose pay for going on strike. If you take unprotected or unlawful industrial action you cannot be paid. Your employer must deduct at least four ...
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57 Strike! The impact on shipping of industrial action... - HFW
Although most agreements will have some business interruption provisions, port disruption caused by strikes or industrial action is unlikely to frustrate the ...
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58 One Hundred Years of Strike Statistics: Data, Methodology ...;sequence=1
The Social Definition of a Strike and Other Definitions ... Even the relationship between strike activity and the business cycle may be.
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59 Strikes Abstract - University of Wisconsin–Madison
incidence is high at the peak of the business cycle, but strike duration seems to fall when the ... As Hicks observed, “Any means which enables.
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60 1892 Homestead Strike - AFL-CIO
First, as the union's three-year contract was coming to an end in 1892, the company demanded wage cuts for 325 employees, even though the workers had already ...
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61 No. 06–Unlawful Strikes and Lockouts —Information Circular
A strike by employees who are attempting to obtain recognition of their collective bargaining rights by an employer rather than going through the certification ...
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62 Massive rail strike next week could deal another blow ... - CNN
Since railroad workers are under a different labor law than the one that control labor relations at most businesses, it's possible that Congress ...
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63 What is a Business Strike? -
Business Strike is also called a Circulation Strike and is the most common and efficient strike used by Mint factories. In a business strike, there is no ...
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64 37b. Labor vs. Management -
The most frequently employed technique of workers was the strike. Withholding labor from management would, in theory, force the company to suffer great ...
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65 13. Chapter 13 Union/Management Issues
The tactics available to the union include striking, picketing, and boycotting. When they go on strike, workers walk away from their jobs and refuse to return ...
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66 Is it legal to go on strike? 5 big questions about labor strikes
For example, employees may refuse to return to work because the company fired two union leaders for encouraging workers to join the union. A ...
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67 UC Davis Strike Updates and Support | Academic Affairs
What if one of these workers indicates they want to participate in a strike action while traveling on University business?
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68 CWA History | Communications Workers of America
The Growth of Company Unions in the Telephone Companies ... The company did not make a wage offer until three weeks into the strike and made the offer ...
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69 Strike Coverage | Insurance Glossary Definition -
Strike Coverage — specialty business interruption insurance covering loss resulting from interrupted operations caused by a labor strike. Related Products ...
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70 Industrial action - Fair Work Ombudsman
Employees may go on strike (refuse to attend or perform work) or impose work ... Under the FW Act, industrial action is defined as the following actions:.
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71 Strikes & Unions in 1930s Washington State
Timber workers went on strike for better conditions and the legal recognition of ... and business boosterism both in Washington DC and Washington State.
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72 "Better than a Strike": Protecting New Forms of Collective Work ...
place of strikes as a means of economic pressure, unions are in- creasingly adopting an array of non-workplace tactics known as corporate campaigns.
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73 Labor Strikes | Justia
These strikers cannot be fired but can be replaced by bona fide permanent replacements. If a company has retained bona fide permanent ...
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74 Strike |
Any kind of strike is a test of economic strength and will. A union tries to prevent business operations and cause a loss of profits to the employer, in order ...
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75 Strike Suit Legal Meaning & Law Definition - Quimbee
› Study Aids › Key Terms › S
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76 Economic Strike Defined - HRCalifornia
If the object of a strike is to obtain economic concessions, such as higher wages, shorter hours or better working conditions from the employer, ...
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77 PCGS Grading Standards
Strike Types. Mint State (MS). The numerical grades MS-60 through MS-70, used to denote a business strike coin that never has been in circulation.
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78 The effects of violent strikes on the economy of a ... - SciELO
Business Day reported that "the five-month-long strike in the platinum sector ... The advancement of social justice means that the exercise of the right to ...
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79 How to maximize your sales with 'strike-zone selling'
No matter what size your business is, the key to growth is working smarter, not harder. That means deliberately focusing your resources ...
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80 Employee Strikes - type, benefits, Types of strikes, Managing a ...
An employee strike is an episode wherein a company's work force engages in a work stoppage in an effort to elicit changes from its employer in such areas as ...
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81 Strikes and Lockouts | The Canadian Encyclopedia
A lockout is the opposite, being the temporary shutdown of a business by an employer to compel employees to accept certain conditions. Both have been important ...
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82 The Strike and Its Alternatives: The Public Employment ...
pursue the strike as a means of accomplishing their demands. ... brought civil service more parallel to private business. "This.
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83 What is a Company Strike Off & Can You Do Anything About ...
A company strike off is the process when a business is removed from the Companies House register and it ceases to exist.
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84 The Right to Strike - Boston Review
Until two decades ago it was possible to blame union decline on backward labor leaders, such as George Meany, who were so steeped in business ...
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85 Employment Strikes - Protest Rights in Texas
Employment Strikes. Private Organizations and Businesses. Texas Law. Texas Government Code Ch. 617: Collective Bargaining and Strikes.
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86 What do employers need to know about strikes?
› article › emplo...
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87 Strike - Definition, Meaning & Synonyms -
If employees want to protest their work conditions, they go on strike, or refuse to work until conditions improve. Definitions of strike. verb. deliver a sharp ...
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88 Knights of Labor - Definition, Goals & Leader - HISTORY
It wasn't just enough for a group of workers at one company to strike for higher wages, he believed. Instead, all wage-earners had to be ...
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89 An Overview of the Right to Strike in Nigeria and Some ...
2) A concerted refusal by a body of employed persons to refuse to work for an employer in consequence of a dispute, done as a means of compelling their employer ...
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90 The power of the one-day strike - People's World
What is a strike? The dictionary defines a strike as: “a refusal to work organized by a body of employees as a form of protest, typically in ...
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91 strike - Wiktionary
strike (third-person singular simple present strikes, present participle striking, ... although apparently no dictionary except Wiktionary mentions this.
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92 The legality of employee strike action - Employment Law Watch
France. According to the French Supreme Court, a lawful strike action is defined as a collective cessation of work, the purpose of which is ...
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93 Strike Price - Definition - The Economic Times
Definition: Strike price is the pre-determined price at which the buyer and seller of an option agree on a contract or exercise a valid and unexpired option ...
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