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1 Dexron, Mercon, Or Type-F Transmission Fluid
Ford's Mercon V is also safe for early transmissions. The only exception is the 1977 to '81 Ford transmissions that require Type-F fluid.
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2 Dexron, Mercon, and Everything Else - Automatic Transmission
In short, the answer is no, and it's why you want to use an OE approved fluid specific to your car. Dexron fluids are used by GM. Ford and Mazda ...
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3 DEXRON VI/MERCON LV (ATF) Full Synthetic Automatic ...
Valvoline™ DEXRON*-VI/MERCON* LV ATF is a full-synthetic transmission fluid formulated with advanced additive technology to meet and exceed the requirements ...
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4 What Is the Difference Between Mercon & Dexron Automatic ...
Mercon V was introduced in 1997 for use in the Ranger, Explorer, Aerostar and other Ford vehicles. Though similar to Dexron in its red color, there are a few ...
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5 What Is the Difference Between Dexron III and Mercon V?
Dexron III and Mercon V are similar types of automatic transmission fluid, with the main difference being that Dexron is the formula developed by General ...
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6 Mercon/Dexron III vs. Mercon V.... - Ford Truck Enthusiasts
That depends. When they still made MERCON you could get it in dino, synthetic blend, and full synthetic. MERCON V is now available in dino, synthetic blend, and ...
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7 Automatic Transmission Fluid Application Guide
backwards compatible with MERCON® applications ... MERCON® transmission fluid is required. Part# VV353 ... Transmission and oil pan labeled with DEXRON III.
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8 Dexron III/Mercon ATF | Lubriplate Lubricants Co.
LUBRIPLATE Dexron III/Mercon is a newly developed premium fluid fully qualified to cover current requirements for both General Motors and Ford.
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9 Dexron III rather than mercon V ATF | The Diesel Stop
Mercon / Dexron III is the proper ATF for your vehicle. Ford reformulated their Mercon V to make it backward compatible for the 4r100, ...
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10 205 Dexron VI Mercon LV Automatic Transmission Fluid
vehicles that specify the use of Dexron® VI and Mercon® LV fluids respectively. Dexron® VI/Mercon® LV ... Excellent seal and materials compatibility.
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11 Technical Service Bulletin – Transmission Fluid Guide
Mercon Type CJ: This is a specialty transmission fluid for Ford C-6 transmissions. It is designed similar to General Motors Dexron II ...
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12 Mercon V vs Mercon LV Proper Guide on Transmission Fluid ...
Mercon V Equivalent. Dexron lll is a compatible fluid with Mercon V. Identically, Mercon V and Dexron III have been meeting the requirements of A4LD. Also, ...
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13 Dexron Mercon -
Pennzoil 3312 Allison C-4 Automatic Transmission Fluid Approved By Gm For Dexron Ford Mercon. Add.
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14 ATF Dexron III/Mercon Multi Purpose | Ultra1Plus™
Ultra1Plus™ Transmission Fluid ATF Dexron III/Mercon Multi-Purpose is a quality automatic transmission fluid which exceeds the performance requirements of ...
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15 Valvoline DEXRON VI/MERCON LV (ATF) Full Synthetic ...
A: Dexron VI is reverse compatible with all previous versions of dexron. If the trans origin… TK | 8 years ago. Q: Can it be used as replacement ...
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17 I have a 2005 Chevy 1500 pickup truck. The trans takes a ...
While many multi-vehicle ATF's claim compatibility with older Dexron fluids as well as Mercon-V (which is a Ford specification), I would not recommend ...
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18 MERCON - Wikipedia
Dexron is the trade name for a group of technical specifications of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) created by General Motors (GM).
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› transmission-fluid-to-4-oil
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20 Performance Plus® Automatic Transmission Fluid Dexron III ...
Performance Plus® Automatic Transmission Fluid Dexron III/Mercon (1 Single, 55 Gallon Drum) ; Compatible with all common seal materials, Making it versatile and ...
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21 Now DEXRON® VI and MERCON® LV approved!
Formulated to meet the demands of most modern transmissions on the road today, Advantage® Uni-Syn LV DEXRON® VI/MERCON® LV ATF is also backward compatible with ...
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22 What Kind of Transmission Fluid Do I Need? - AMSOIL Blog
Suitable for use in applications calling for MERCON ULV and DEXRON ULV ... AMSOIL Signature Series Fuel-Efficient Synthetic Automatic Transmission ...
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23 Mercon V ATF vs Dexron III - IH PARTS AMERICA
Mercon v is a Ford spec'd tranny fluid, but the bottle says it can be used for dexron iii applications. How true is that? Today you can't get ...
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24 TRIAX Transyn Dex VI Mercon LV ATF - Triax Lubricants
Retroactively compatible with Dexron III / Mercon specification. This product also meets a very wide range of OEM low viscosity applications, see OEM ...
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and most foreign manufacturers, where a DEXRON® III H,. DEXRON® III G, DEXRON® IIE, MERCON® , or Type A ... Wide range of seal compatibility.
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27 Mobil 1 Synthetic A/T Fluid Dexron, Mercon 1 Quart 112980
Mobil 1 Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid Dexron/Mercon 1 Quart 5.0 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for average rating value is 5.0 of 5. Read 4 Reviews Same ...
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28 MERCON® V Automatic Transmission Fluid
It is also recommended for use in pre-1989 automatic transmissions, which call for a. DEXRON® IIE, DEXRON® II, DEXRON‚® and Type “A”. Suffix “A” fluids.
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29 FRAM Transmission Fluid Dexron III / Mercon Multi-Vehicle ...
Save on FRAM Transmission Fluid Dexron III / Mercon Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid: 1 Quart F420 at Advance Auto Parts.
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30 Transmax ATF DEXRON®-VI MERCON® LV Multivehicle
Castrol Transmax ATF DEXRON®-VI MERCON® LV Multivehicle, formulated with Smooth Drive. Technology ™, is designed for modern automatic ...
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31 Is it ok to mix Type F and Dexron? | Allpar Forums
I "think" (meaning I could be wrong), Type F and Dexron II is compatible. Remember, compatible means they can be mixed without causing an ...
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32 Pennzoil Dexron Mercon Automatic Transmission Fluid
Transmission protection. For use in vehicles previously serviceable by Dexron-III & Mercon brands. Pennzoil Dex/Merc Automatic Transmission Fluid meets the ...
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33 Castrol Transmax Dexron VI/Mercon LV Automatic ...
It is certified and approved by General Motors for use in all GM vehicles and by Ford for vehicles requiring Mercon® LV transmission fluid.
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34 Ford Mercon is now Dexron 6 | BAT Auto Technical
DEXRON®-VI licensed fluids are fully backward compatible and can be used in all applications covered by earlier GM ATF specifications. The use ...
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35 ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluids) - quick comparison table
ATF Dexron VI. GM Dexron VI, Ford Mercon LV, Toyota Type WS,. JWS 3324, Nissan Matic S, Honda DW-1 low viscosity ATF, newer US & JP vehicle models. ATF JA-1.
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36 Royal Purple MAX ATF Mercon/Dexron III Transmission Fluid
Max ATF significantly reduces heat to extend the life of your transmission. Max ATF is fully compatible and can be mixed with other automatic transmission ...
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37 Mercon LV compatible with Mercon V? | 4.6L Based Powertrains
To the best of my knowledge, Mercon LV is more or less equalivant to Dexron VI. However, according to this, Mercon LV is not compatible with ...
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38 Will mixing Dexron VI with another transmission fluid damage ...
IMPORTANT: As with previous upgrades, DEXRON-VI fluids are designed to be backward compatible with earlier transmission hardware. But more ...
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39 Can you use dexron VI instead of Mercon V? - WapCar
This fluid technology is designed to replace and supersede previous generation specifications from GM and Ford such as DEXRON III and MERCON/ MERCON V.
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40 Making Sense of the ever Confusing ATFs - Lynch Oil
Mercon — Ford fluid introduced in 1987, very similar to Dexron II. OK for all earlier Fords, except those that require Type F.
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41 SynGard ™ Multi-Vehicle Dexron ® VI and Mercon ® LV ...
SynGard™ Multi-Vehicle Dexron® VI and Mercon® LV Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is a full synthetic ATF licensed by General Motors for Dexron VI fluids ...
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42 Multi-Vehicle ATF - Hartland Lubricants & Chemicals
Dexron IIE, Dexron III (H), Mercon or Mercon V type fluids are specified. ... by corrosive acids, Excellent compatibility with seal materials to prevent.
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43 Is Dexron III / Mercon trans. fluid OK? - F150online Forums
Yup. As long as it isn't Mercon V, or a Mercon V compatible, it will work just fine. I used Castrol's Mercon/Dextron fluid at my last tranny ...
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44 Mercon V and Mercon III - backward compatible? | Ford Explorer
Can be replaced with Mercon. Mercon — Ford fluid introduced in 1987, very similar to Dexron II. OK for all earlier Fords, except those that ...
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45 DEXRON®-VI Multi-Vehicle Full Synthetic ATF | Yoder Oil
CAM2 DEXRON®-VI Multi-Vehicle Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is a universal ATF specifically designed for use in modern automatic transmissions ...
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46 SUPER ATF - Phillips 66 Lubricants
Note: Super ATF is not recommended for use in newer automatic transmissions that require a GM DEXRON®-VI, Ford MERCON® LV, Ford MERCON® SP or Ford MERCON® V ...
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47 Mercon 5 AT fluid OK ? - iRV2 Forums
Allison Transmissions are not compatible with DEXRON VI... Would MERCON V also be in that category?? My regular ATF (for power steering) marked ...
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48 Transmission Fluid Compatibility Chart Explained for All ...
Although some companies, such as Valvoline, use the Mercon trademark for their marketing promotions as it is compatible with Dexron II.
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49 Schaeffer Dexron VI/Mercon LV Automatic Transmission Fluid
Schaeffer Dexron VI/Mercon is a carefully blended, full-synthetic, multi-vehicle, automatic transmission fluid recommended for use in General Motors and ...
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50 Automatic Transmission Supplement - Lubegard
tions will enhance any Dexron/Mercon® to perform like a Mercon® V. This uniquely engineered formula adds ... Superior seal compatability and conditioning.
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51 Valvoline Dexron III/Mercon ATF compatible
I would use a fluid spec'd for T-IV. That being said, there are those who think that T-WS is backwards compatible and that you can use that as ...
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52 Product Bulletin - Ave Petroleum
Gulfpride® Synthetic Multi-Vehicle DEXRON® VI ATF is backward compatible and replaces. DEXRON® III fluids in older GM automatic transmissions (check owner's ...
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53 Automatic Transmission Fluid (Dexron III Mercon)
AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID (DEXRON III MERCON). Performance Specifications. Formulated using highly refined, paraffinic base oils, additive systems and a ...
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General Motors DEXRON-VI and Ford MERCON-LV applications so it offers warranty coverage ... Broad coverage - backward compatible with all.
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55 What are the meanings of ATF and Power Steering Fluids
It is compatible with Dexron VI, Mercon V, and Mercon lv and works on most European cars including BMW, Audi, Saab, and Mercedes-Benz. [ ...
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56 Pennzoil Platinum LV Multi-Vehicle ATF
General Motors DEXRON® VI, Ford MERCON LV, Toyota WS, Nissan Matic S, ... Japanese and Asian vehicles, many are backward compatible to older generation ATFs ...
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57 Castrol Transmax Dex/Merc - Petroleum Service Company
May also be used in power steering applications where MERCON® is required. ... steering service where a DEXRON®-IIIH or MERCON® type ATF is specified.
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58 Pennzoil Auto Transmission Fluid Dexron-III/Mercon (12-pack ...
Pennzoil Auto Transmission Fluid Dexron-III/Mercon (12-pack / 1-quart Bottles). Item # --. |.
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59 MAX ATF® | Royal Purple
Best performance and protection is had with a complete fluid change to Max ATF, but Max ATF is completely compatible with OEM transmission fluid ...
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60 What's the difference between ATF+4 and Dexron ... - Quora
Dexron is the same thing only for Chevy vehicles. Of course it's not just as simple as Dexron you have Dexron 3, and 6. Dexron III i.
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61 Is Mercon Lv Compatible With Dexron Vi
Valvoline MaxLife is mercon lv compatible with dexron vi ATF transmission fluid is 100 percent compatible with the DEXRON VI for mixing or flushing a system. Is ...
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62 Valvoline Max Life Dexron III/Mercon Automatic Transmission ...
Buy Valvoline Max Life Dexron III/Mercon Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1 qt - VAL VV3246 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. Get deals on automotive parts, ...
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63 Difference between Mercon V & VI - Lincolns OnLine
GM on the other hand say Dexron 6 is fully compatible with Dexron 3. As you can appreciate the Ford view must be respected in terms of what ATF ...
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64 Havoline Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF - Chevron Lubricants
officially approved fluid for General Motors DEXRON-VI and Ford MERCON-LV applications so it offers warranty coverage for vehicles that specify these ...
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65 Which Transmission Fluid Do I Need? | Blain's Farm & Fleet Blog
In 1977, the automaker switched to Mercon. Like GM's Dexron, newer Mercon ATFs are usually backward compatible with older ones. Do not use Type ...
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OTR-OTR ATF DEXRON/MERCON MP QT-PTATF-MP-QT. ... quality throughout service life; TES 668 approved fluids are compatible with TES 295 ...
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67 Pennzoil Dexron III Mercon - Applied Thermal Fluids
Pennzoil Dexron III Mercon Automatic Transmission Fluid is a new generation petroleum based fluid for automatic and powershift transmissions.
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DEXRON®-III (GM 6297-M), Caterpillar TO-2, MERCON® (Ford M2C185A), ... and is fully compatible with, the Chrysler MS-7176D specification. Specifications.
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69 Compatibility Chart for Castle® Multi Vehicle ATF (Part #'s ...
Ford MERCON V, SP. Ford WSS 2MC 922 A1,. 924-A (XT-8-QAW) (JWS 3309). GM DEXRON-II, IID, IIE,. III, IIIG, IIIH. GM T IV. GM Type A. Honda/Acura ATF Z1, ...
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70 o'reilly global automatic transmission fluid -
Global ATF meets or exceeds requirements of Ford's Mercon V and will perform in Mercon SP,. Dexron-VI and Toyota WS applications. It is suitable for Chrysler ...
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71 Merc V or Dex/Merc? | Lightning Rodder
Ford doesn't make MERCON anymore, but the new formula MERCON V is 100% compatible with MERCON. It's imporant to note that not any brand Mercon V ...
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72 Super ATF Dexron-III/Mercon - Miguez Fuel & Lubricants
Note: Super ATF is not recommended for use in newer automatic transmissions that require a GM DEXRON®-VI, Ford MERCON®LV, Ford MERCON®SP or Ford MERCON®V ...
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73 MAG 1® Low Viscosity Multi-Vehicle Transmission Fluid
MAG 1 Low-Viscosity Multi-Vehicle ATF is licensed by GM and Ford for use where Dexron®-VI and MERCON® LV transmission fluids are recommended.
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74 Mercon vs. Mercon V vs. Mercon LV vs. Mercon SP
Mercon LV and Dexron VI are both top-quality ATFs, but they have some overlapping in their specifications. Mercon is a Ford composed transmission fluid. And ...
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75 Mobil 1™ Synthetic ATF oil | Mobil™ Motor Oils
Compatible with mineral ATF fluids and all common seal materials ... use in applications requiring Dexron III , Ford Mercon and Mercon V performance levels.
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76 Drydene Transall Global Synthetic ATF- Dexron VI, Mercon LV
Fully backwards compatible with all previous DEXRON fluid approvals per General Motors. Backwards compatible for certain Ford Motor Company vehicles. Refer to ...
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Not recommended for use in newer automatic transmissions that require a GM DEXRON-VI, Ford MERCONLV, Ford MERCON SP or Ford MERCON V fluid for warranty ...
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Gibraltar Dexron III / Mercon ATF is a premium grade lubricant for car ... Mercon ATF is compatible with various automatic transmission components such as.
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79 Is dex/merc the same as Mercon V? - Jeep Cherokee Forum
The AW4 originally used DexronIIE/Mercon, this is no longer made but DexronIII/Mercon is directly compatible and is what Aisin recommends ...
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80 Hot Shot's Secret ATF+4, DEXRON III and MERCON V ...
Blue Diamond +4/D3/M5 is recommended for the most common ATF specifications, including but not limited to ATF+4, DEXRON III and MERCON V. It is formulated ...
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81 Dexron II or III - YotaTech Forums
You can safely use it. You can also use Dexron IV, which is even better and compatible with Dexron III and II specifications. Typically this is ...
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82 ATF, Allison C3 / C4 Dexron III synthetic fluid. - Olipes
ATF, Allison C3 / C4 Dexron III synthetic Ford Mercon Rate MB 236.3 ZF TE-ML ... (DX-II D); MB 236.9 Compatible with MB 236.2 (TASA) & MB 236.3 (DX-II D), ...
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83 Differentiation between Dexron 3 and ATF+4 |
Most applications that require older Dexron and Mercon fluids can be used with ATF +4. ATF+4 Automatic Transmission Fluid is explicitly intended for Chrysler ...
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84 Tech 101: Type A Automatic Transmission Fluid - Rx Mechanic
This fluid is compatible with all Type “A” Suffix “A” and the Type “A” fluids produced by GM and equipped in GM vehicles. Dexron II. Dexron II ...
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85 DEXRON-IV Full Synthetic ATF
GM DEXRON®, DEXRON® II, II-E, III, III-G, III-H, VI • Ford MERCON®, ... Tiger's Head Dexron®-VI Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is a fully ...
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86 Is "DEXRON VI and MERCON LV" the same as DEXRON VI?
Dexron and Mercon are not the same fluid. There is some overlap between the two specs, but they are not the same. The more different specs a ...
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87 Mercon V Vs LV Vs SP: Detailed Guide [3 Common Mix-Up]
Mercon V is the most common automatic transmission fluid for a ford model. And it is pretty similar to Dexron III. Besides it is compatible with ...
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88 Transmission Fluid Types - Transmasters Auto Care
Dexron III/Mercon - This is one of the most common fluids on the market. Most GM and Ford units call for this type of ATF, as well as many imports. If your ...
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89 312 BG Universal Synthetic ATF APPLICATION CHART
Ford Type F, Ford MERCON® ULV, XT-12-QULV. GM DEXRON®-HP. All Mercedes Benz 722.9 transmissions built after June 21, 2010 requiring ATF A0019897803 (236.15) ...
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90 ProLine Automatic Transmission Fluid, Dexron-III & Mercon ...
Suitable for use where DEXRON-II, DEXRON-III or MERCON transmission fluids are specified. Includes: Excellent high and low temperature protection.
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91 Mastering the Basics: Fluid Selection - MOTOR
Mercon is a friction-modified fluid, similar to Dexron. Mercon specifically does not replace Type F or G fluids for transmissions requiring unmodified fluid ...
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92 Shell Pennzoil Dex/Merc ATF Technical Datasheet | SCL
It is blended to meet the stringent requirements of leading automotive transmission manufacturers for GM DEXRON®-III(H) and Ford MERCON® historic performance.
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93 III/MERCON® ATFs for Japanese Automatic Transmissions
Friction Characteristics Compatibility of DEXRON®-III/MERCON® ATFs for Japanese Automatic Transmissions 972929 ... Using the SAE NO.2 clutch ...
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94 Can I use Valvoline DEXRON VI/MERCON LV (ATF ... - Reddit
Yes. As transmission fluid requirements became more demanding, Dexron and Mercon formulations advanced to meet those needs. Any formulation of ...
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