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1 Where can I find the Chimera Brain :( - Final Fantasy X
› ... › Japanese-Style
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2 Chimera Brain - Final Fantasy X Monster Arena Fiends
› Monster-Arena › Calm-Lands › Ch...
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3 Chimera Brain Stats and Location | FFX - Game8
Chimera Brain is a fiend in Final Fantasy X.Chimera Brain is found in Calm Lands as a random enemy counter. HP (Overkill), MP. 9800 (4060) ...
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4 Chimera Brain (FFX) - Final Fantasy Wiki - Neoseeker
Chimera Brain is an enemy from Final Fantasy X that appears in the Calm Lands. The Ronso Rage "Aqua Breath" can be learned from this enemy.
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5 Where To Get Lv. 4 Key Spheres in FFX - FandomSpot
Chimera Brains can be found in the northwest part of the Calm Lands and they're not too rare. Also you can steal Lv. 4 Key Spheres from the Monster Arena ...
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6 Level 4 Key Spheres Final Fantasy X - Almar's Guides
After you capture the Chimera Brain enemies from Calm Lands speak with the Arena organizer and scroll down the list to Calm Lands, select the Chimera Brain ...
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7 Level 4 Key Spheres and bribe help : r/ffx - Reddit
Every guide or post I can find says the easiest way is bribing a Chimera Brain at the monster arena in the Calm Lands.
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8 Chimera Brain - FFX Index
Chimera Brain. 1,200 AP - 1,000 Gil. Offensive Stats. HP (Overkill), 9,800 (4,060). MP, 250. Strength, 34. Magic, 32. Accuracy, 0. Luck, 15. Defensive Stats ...
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9 Sphere Locations - Final Fantasy X Wiki Guide - IGN
› wikis › Sphere_Locations
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10 FFX – Part 40: Gotta Catch 'Em All! - Coldrun Gaming
-Got 10 Chimera Brains. Can't see any difference. Ok. Calm Lands Monster Capture ANACONDAUR: II CHIMERA BRAIN: IIIII – IIIII MAX! COEURL ...
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11 ▷🕹️ Chimera Brain Stats Et Emplacement | FFX
Chimera Brain est un démon dans Final Fantasy X.Chimera Brain se trouve dans Calm Lands en tant que compteur ennemi aléatoire. HP (exagéré), MP. 9800 (4060) ...
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12 FFX: Under the Table achievement in Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD ...
Continue the story up to the Calm Lands. Continue fighting enemies here until you come across enemies called "Chimera Brain"... Bribe a Chimera Brain and ...
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13 Lightning Gem - Square Haven Guides || Final Fantasy X items
steal, monster, location, monster, location ; steal · Chimera Brain · Calm Lands, Imp · Cavern of the Stolen Fayth · Mt. Gagazet ; steal · Vidatu x4 · Monster Arena ...
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14 Final Fantasy X Part #114 - Episode CIV: Our Entry to Nirvana
Coeurl (tiger thing, southwest and east only, uncommon); Chimera Brain (take a guess as to what it is cousins with, northern half of map only); Malboro (rare ...
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15 FARM or BRIBE, KEY Spheres and more? - Final Fantasy X HD
Level 4 Key Spheres are dropped by Spectral Keeper (Zanarkand Ruins, Land Worm (Inside Sin). You can also Bribe Chimera Brain (Calm Lands, ...
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16 Completing the Sphere Grid :: FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD ...
You can also Bribe Chimera Brain (Calm Lands, 196,000 gil for 2). They can be found in a chest in Gagazet: Mountain Trail, and a chest in Inside Sin: City ...
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17 Is There an Overkill on Bribes? - Arqade - Stack Exchange
I'm looking at the Final Fantasy X bribes bestiary. enter image ... For example, the Chimera Brain's bribe field reads: 196,000 Lv. 4 Key ...
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18 Lightning Gem - Final Fantasy X/X-2 - EIP Gaming
How to Obtain: Stolen from: Chimera Brain, Imp, VidatuPrize from: Ramiem Temple.
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19 Final Fantasy X/Calm Lands - StrategyWiki
Chimera Brains are pretty much the same as the Chimeras you fought in Macalania Woods, except they have over 9000 HP and their attacks do ...
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20 Lightning gems...? - Eyes on Final Fantasy Forums
The only place i know to get them is from the Chimera Brains in the Calm Lands, but it's really rare to get them, and you only get 2.
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21 FFX Monster Arena Checklist - Auronlu's Final Fantasy X Fansite
__ Chimera Brain __ Malboro. Sunken Cave (1 of Each Unlocks Don Tonberry) __ Yowie - Need 3 for Ornitholestes __ Imp - need 5 for Vidatu (note: Imps also ...
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22 FFX Monster Tracker - Shaun Inman
› utils › ffx
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23 Chimera - Final Fantasy Monsters
FF10 in-game, FF10 -Chimera -Chimera Brain Chimera Geist FFX-2 -Proto Chimera -Rhyos (NA) / Gorgimera (JP). FF11 -Chimera (?). FF12 -Lesser Chimera
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24 Final Fantasy X / X-2 - How to Obtain Yuna's Nirvana
Anacondaur, Southeast sector. Ogre, Northwest sector. Coeurl, Various areas. Chimera Brain, Northwest sector. Malboro, Northwest sector ...
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25 Learning! Trophy • Final Fantasy X HD •
Final Fantasy X HD Trophy Guide. Written by DemonShadowX and Precision-Playy ... Chimera, Macalania Woods Chimera Brain, Calm Lands
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26 Final Fantasy X: Monster Arena Guide + No Encounters
Other less common monsters are the Chimera Brain, Ogre and Anacondaurs. I found most of my Ogres in the north-west again, but Chimera Brains ...
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27 final fantasy x simple tip - PlayStationLifeStyle Forums
Level 4 Key Sphere x2 for 196,000 gil from the Chimera Brain - White Magic Sphere x2 for 256,000 gil from the Dark Flan
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28 Final Fantasy X – Sphere grid Spheres! Where to find all the ...
You can also Bribe a Chimera Brain 196,000 gil for 2 of them. Stat Spheres. When you have an empty node, whether it's from a key node unlocked ...
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29 Final Fantasy X: How To Unlock The Nemesis Fight - TheGamer
The full list is as follows: Skoll, Nebiros, Flam Flan, Shred, Anacondaur, Ogre, Coeurl, Chimera Brain, and Malboro.
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30 Final Fantasy X Bribe List -
Chimera Brain. Level 4 Key Sphere x2 - 196,000 gil. Calm Lands. Coerl. Friend Sphere x2 - 120,000 gil. Calm Lands, Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.
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31 Final Fantasy X Monster Arena Checklist - HubPages
Here's my old guide to the Final Fantasy X Monster Arena quest, which you'll ... Where to Catch All The Monsters in FFX ... __ Chimera Brain.
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32 FFX - Bribe List - Angelfire
196 000 – Chimera Brain (Calm Lands) = Level 4 Key Sphere x 2. 199 980 – Ghost (Cavern of the Stolen Fayth) = Mega Phoenix x 38.
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33 Final Fantasy X Walkthrough - Help, Tips and FAQs by Lisa
Detailed walkthroughs of Final Fantasy X, from Lisa, Guide to Computer and Console ... Chimera Brain (nw corner) ... The zookeeper now makes a CHIMERAGEIST.
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... Lands: Skoll Nebiros 8 10 Flame Flan 4 10 Shred 2 6 Anacondaur 2 6 Ogre 3 8 Coeuri Chimera Brain 9 10 Malboro 6 10 Sunken Cave: Yowie Imp Dark Element 6 ...
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35 final fantasy X extras - evermynd
final fantasy X - extras ... Calm Lands Chimera Brain bribe 196,000 (Lv.4 Key Sphere x2) ... Macalania Chimera A bribe 105,000 (Mana Tablet x10)
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36 Final Fantasy 10 / X / FF10 - Bribe Information - UFFSite
Lvl. 4 Key Sphere x2 for 196,000 gil from Chimera Brain (Calm Plains) Skill Sphere x2 for 360,000 gil from Zu (Bikanel Island)
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37 How to get all the monster arena fiends and their rewards in ...
monster arena final fantasy x area ... Ice Flan; Blue Element; Murussu; Mafdet; Xiphos; Chimera ... Ogre; Coeurl; Chimera Brain; Malboro ...
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38 FFX Capture List - Monster Arena - Google Drive
FFX Capture List P1 Besaid-Stolen Fayth P2 Mt. Gagazet-Omega by Eknight01. 2. 3. Area/Monster, # Caught ... Chimera, 0. 65. 66. Bikanel ... Chimera Brain, 0.
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39 What should I bribe in FFX? -
Lv. 4 Key Sphere, Chimera Brain, 196,000. Lightning Marble, Aerouge Gandarewa Gold Element Thunder Flan Yellow Element, 4,000 2,960 24,000 ...
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40 Learning! trophy in Final Fantasy X HD Remaster - TrueTrophies
Water damage to all the enemies. Chimera - Macalania Forest, Al Bhed Home Chimera Brain - Calm Lands White Wind Recovers half of the HP of all the allies
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41 Final Fantasy X Walkthrough Calm Plains - The Zoo - Lisa Shea
Chimera Brain (nw corner) Malboro (nw corner) When you get them all, a chest appears, but you can't open it yet. You need to get the celestial mirror, ...
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42 Final Fantasy X: Monster Arena Guide - Super Cheats
Thanks I. Introduction This is my Final Fantasy X Monster Arena Guide. In this guide you will find information for all of the Monsters. II.
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43 Balamb Forum • Leggi argomento - passosfere lv4
Aprendo uno degli scrigni nelle Rovine di Omega - Usando la tecnica "Tangente" su Chimera Brain (Piana della Bonaccia) e sborsando 245000 ...
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44 FFX Tracker - GitHub Pages
A Tracker for Items, Encounters, Fights etc for Final Fantasy X Speedruns. ... Evil Eye. Ice Flan. Blue Element. Murussu. Mafdet. Xiphos. Chimera ...
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45 Tangente - Rinoa's Diary
Verissimo, ma i giocatori di Final Fantasy X, con un bel po' di Guil, possono ottenere risultati straordinari. ... Chimera Brain, 245.000, 2 Passosfera lv 4.
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46 Le pagine di Laguna 1.0 - FFX - Soluzione sesta parte - Siti
LA PIANA DELLA BONACCIA - VERSO IL MONTE SACRO. Lulu, Auron, Tidus, Kimahri, Yuna, Wakka e Rikku osservano la Piana, Mostri: Chimera Brain, Iaguaro, Hoga, ...
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47 Can you customize Auto life FFX? - Gaming Section
Data. The Chimera Brain is an enemy from Final Fantasy X encountered in the northwestern area of the Calm Lands. for instance, What does SOS Shell do in FFX?
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48 Final Fantasy X: Chapter 4 Walkthrough - Prima Games
Final Fantasy X: Chapter 4 Walkthrough ... Chimera Brain: 9,800 HP 1,200 AP 1,000 Gil | Drops: Ability Sphere | Steal: Ice Gem.
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49 FFSC - FFX - TANGENTE - The Phantom Castle
Budino Oscuro, Grotta del Mt. Gagazet, Zanarkand, 320.000 guil. Mbiancosfera x2 ; Chimera Brain, Piana della Bonaccia, 245.000 guil. PassosferaLv4 x2.
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50 Guida all'abilità Tangente di Final Fantasy X -
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51 Final Fantasy X - Como obter a Nirvana de Yuna - Critical Hits
A Nirvana é a arma mais poderosa de Yuna em Final Fantasy X. Assim como as outras armas do jogo, ... Chimera Brain, Setor Noroeste.
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