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1 Veritas™ Volume Manager Administrator's Guide: Linux
Veritas™ File System. Administrator's Guide. Linux. 5.1 ... Product version: 5.1 ... The Licensed Software and Documentation are deemed to be commercial ...
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2 Veritas File System Administrator's Guide - Oracle Help Center
Veritas™ Volume Manager. Administrator's Guide. Solaris. 5.1 ... The Licensed Software and Documentation are deemed to be commercial computer software.
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3 The script "/var/adm/sw/pre_update/VXVM-VXFS.100 ...
This guide was written for March, 2012, but the procedure is the same for later releases including March, 2013 in use here. In short you need to remove JFS/VxVM ...
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4 Administration Manuals -
HP Auto Port Aggregation Administrator's Guide HP-UX 11i v3 ... Migration from Legacy to Agile Naming Model in VxVM 5.0 on HP-UX 11i v3 ...
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5 Veritas File System Administrator's Guide - PDF Free Download
Product version: 5.1 Document version: Legal Notice Copyright 2009 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec, the Symantec Logo, Veritas, Veritas ...
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6 Veritas 5.1 SP1 Installation Guide -
Veritas Volume Manager 5.1 SP1 Troubleshooting Guide. •. Veritas Enterprise Administrator User's Guide. •. Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability ...
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7 Veritas Storage Foundation™ Cluster File System Release Notes ...
See the Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System Installation Guide. ... This section describes the changes in Veritas Storage Foundation 5.1.
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8 Veritas™ Volume Manager Administrator's Guide Solaris ...
For VxVM to function, the rootdg disk group had to exist and it had to contain at least one disk. This requirement no longer exists, and VxVM can work without ...
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9 Veritas Storage Foundation™ 6.0.1 Installation Guide - Solaris
Veritas Storage Foundation™ Installation Guide ... Migrating from a 5.1 or higher repository database to 6.0.1 .......... 158.
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10 Veritas File System Administrator's Guide - Storage ... - Yumpu
A better solutionis the method logging (or journaling) the metadata of files.VxFS logs new attribute information into a reserved area of the ...
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11 VERITASVolume Manager (VxVM) System Administrator's Guide
VERITAS Volume Manager System Administrator's Guide--- March, 1994. Partitions. ... B.5.1 General Recovery Information .
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12 WANdisco Subversion Access Control Administration Guide
5.1 Managing Roles and Permissions . ... This guide is intended for an Subversion administrator or a user who is ... on Linux or VXFS from Veritas.
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13 NetBackup System Administrator's Guide for Windows, Volume I's%20Guide,%20Volume%20I.pdf
Disclaimer. The information contained in this publication is subject to change without notice. VERITAS Software. Corporation makes no warranty of any kind ...
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14 AIX Host Utilities 5.1 Installation and Setup Guide - IBM
› docs › nseriessoftware › g...
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15 Veritas Storage Foundation™ Cluster File System Release ...
Changes in version 5.1 SP1. This section lists the changes for Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System. Changes related to the installation.
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16 Veritas File System - Wikipedia
Through an OEM agreement, VxFS is used as the primary filesystem of the HP-UX operating system. With on-line defragmentation and resize support turned on via ...
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17 EMC Host Connectivity Guide for Oracle Solaris - Dell
Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) and Veritas File System (VxFS) are tools for disk and file management. VxVM can be used to create logical disks, mirrored and ...
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18 VERITAS® Volume Manager Release Notes -
VERITAS Volume Manager Installation Guide for details. ... problem, copy the SunOS_5.5.1 versions to the "in-use" module names: # cp vxio.SunOS_5.5.1 vxio.
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19 Symantec NetBackup™ Bare Metal Restore™ Administrator's ...
Administrator's Guide. Configuring BMR Boot Server. The BMR boot server software is installed when you install the NetBackup client.
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20 Known Install and Update Problems
During a cold-install, configure all physical filesystems as VxFS filesystems. ... see the HP Systems Insight Manager 5.1 Installation and User Guide.
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21 vxfs_admin_51sp1_hpux - SlideShare
1. Veritas™ File System Administrator's Guide HP-UX 11i v3 5.1 Service Pack 1 · 2. Veritas File System Administrator's Guide The software ...
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22 Veritas Cluster Server Release Notes 5.1 - 百度文库
New features. This section lists the features introduced in the VCS 5.1 release. See the Veritas Cluster Server Administrator's Guide for details.
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23 Veritas Storage Foundation™ Cluster File System ...
5.1 Service Pack 1 Platform Release 2 ... Document version: 5.1SP1PR2.0. Legal Notice ... See the Veritas File System Administrator's Guide.
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24 EMC NetWorker SnapImage Module 2.5 Solaris Version ... - Dell
This guide is part of the EMC NetWorker SnapImage Module documentation set. ... Symantec VxFS 4.1 MP2, 5.0, 5.0 MP1, 5.0 MP3, and 5.1 on layouts 4, 5, 6, ...
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25 The Linux System Administrator's Guide
Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free ... 5.1. Two kinds of devices. UNIX, and therefore Linux, recognizes two ...
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26 HP Storage Essentials and Reporter Build 9.4.0 Release ...
HP Storage Essentials SRM 9.4.0 Storage Performance Management Guide ... the correct white space for Fencing Disks in Veritas Cluster configurations.
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27 EXPRESSCLUSTER X 4.3 for Linux, Installation and ...
EXPRESSCLUSTER X Installation and Configuration Guide ... Note: Distributions and kernels where vxfs can be used depend on the support ...
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28 Veritas NetBackup ™ Enterprise Server and Server 8.0
For more information reference the VxVM Administrators. Guide. AIX 6.1 POWER. (TL4 and above) ... Qualification is done with VxVM 5.1.
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29 vCenter Configuration Manager 5.7 Installation Guide - VMware
You can find the most up-to-date technical documentation on the VMware Web ... The VCM Installation Guide describes how to install vCenter Configuration ...
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30 kernel: vxfs: msgcnt 15 mesg 037: V-2-37: vx_metaioerr
Resolution · The package VRTSvxfs- is responsible for handling of the vxfs filesystem on the server. · This is a third ...
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31 Solaris Host Utilities 6.2 Installation and Setup Guide
kernel/drv/sd.conf file. Note: Asymmetric Logical Unit Access (ALUA) is supported with Veritas 5.1 and later. The Solaris Host Utilities | 9 ...
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32 Nbu 80 SCL PDF | PDF | Windows Server 2008 | Operating System
including 5.1 enabled and you map that disk to an IDE disk the CDS capability will be lost. For more information reference the VxVM Administrators Guide.
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33 GPFS: A Parallel File System - IBM Documents List
for AIX: Installation and Administration Guide, SA22-7278. The approach documented here is a very methodical way of installing the packages.
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34 IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Version 5.1 - FTP Directory Listing
Note to U.S Government Users - Documentation related to restricted rights - Use, ... Tivoli Storage Manager Version 5.1: Technical Guide.
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35 Configuration Guide -Server Connection - Fujitsu
For VxVM 5.1 or later. ASL does not need to be installed. 3.5.3. Oracle OEM VxVM. • When installing VxVM in Oracle Solaris Cluster configuration, use Oracle OEM ...
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36 IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Space Management for UNIX
Journaled File System (JFS) on an AIX 5.1 or an AIX 5.2 workstation; Veritas File System (VxFS) on a Sun Solaris 7, 8, or 9 workstation. The HSM client must ...
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37 Symantec NetBackup ™ Snapshot Client Administrator's Guide
The Licensed Software and Documentation are deemed to be commercial ... About enabling the NetBackup client to execute VxVM commands on.
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38 Cisco ASR 5000 Policy Provisioning Tool Installation and ...
Installation and Administration Guide. Version 14.0 ... In addition to the above software, Veritas Cluster Server 5.1 must be installed.
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39 Veritas File System (VxFS) tuning - IT World
I found this in Veritas File System Administrator's Guide and more ... Oracle instance running with ODM: Veritas ODM Library, ...
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40 SFRAC 5.1 Installation on AIX - Praveen's -
Run the '/opt/VRTS/install/installsfrac -configure' command when you are ready to configure Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC. Would you ...
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41 Linux Admin-guide Documentation
Linux Admin-guide Documentation. 2.1 cpu lists: Some kernel parameters take a list of CPUs as a value, e.g. isolcpus, nohz_full,.
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42 Veritas Storage Foundation Release Notes - MOAM.INFO
guide. It is online at: ... See the Veritas Storage Foundation Installation Guide.
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43 Veritas File System KM for PATROL - BMC Documentation
Server: overall health of the Veritas File System node and the monitoring solution. · File Systems: automatically discovers and monitors all VxFS ...
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44 Bitdefender GravityZone Installation Guide
5.1. GravityZone Installation and Setup . ... information about GravityZone can find in this guide the GravityZone requirements.
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45 Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions Release ...
Follow the instructions in the Installation Guide. # ./installer -require complete_path_to_SP1_installer_patch 2 Download SFHA 5.1 SP1 RP4 from ...
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46 Dynamic Link Manager - (for Solaris) User Guide
Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (for Solaris) User Guide ... Performing a New Installation of HDLM (When Solaris Cluster Is Not Being ... VxVM 5.1 cluster.
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47 전체글 - my veritas(마이 베리타스)
VOM4. · SFCFS HA 5.1SP1 Admin Guide - 주 권한(Primary-ship) 정의 및 이동 게시판명 SFCFS 작성자 LEE ...
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48 Oracle Database Client Quick Installation Guide
This guide describes how to quickly install Oracle Database Client 11g Release 2 (11.2) ... It is needed only when VxFS 5.0 is installled.
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49 Veritas Volume Manager Training in Pune India
VERITAS VOLUME MANAGER 5.1 · 2.1 VxVM Objects · 2.2. Administering Volumes · 2.3. Administering Plexes · 2.4. Administering Subdisks · 2.5. Administering VMDisks.
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50 Dell EMC Host Connectivity Guide for Linux -
For detailed documentation about Veritas VxVM and VxFS, see the Symantec website. ... with the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1 and SLES 10 SP2.
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51 MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual :: 7.2 Database Backup Methods
From another shell, execute mount vxfs snapshot . From the first client, execute UNLOCK TABLES . Copy files from the snapshot. Unmount the snapshot.
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Page 4 Installation Guide 5.1.3. Installing an Administration Server After Installing Directory Server ...... 52 5.2.
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53 NetBackup Appliance Accreditation Training Tuesday ...
N5000 Training – Agenda (1/2) N5000 Installation 1 Break 2 This is a sample ... 7.0.1 OpsCenter (GUI) VxFS 5.1 RP1 and VxVM 5.1 RP1 (storage management) ...
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54 DS8800 Performance Monitoring and Tuning
... see the following links: Veritas File System 5.0 - Administrator's Guide for Solaris: ...
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55 Migrating to Linux Using VERITAS Portable Data Containers ...
4.2.3 VERITAS Storage Foundation 4.0 post installation . ... 5.1 Data migration performance . ... See VERITAS Storage Foundation 4.0 Installation Guide.
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56 Pocket Survival Guide - Veritas - About Tin Ho
Overview of creating VxFS volume on SAN LUN to be used in VCS (Search email on 2008-07-22 with word doc on hagui view of setup for easy ref and resulting /etc/ ...
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57 MySQL Administrator's Guide - Google Books Result
See Section 5.1, “Introduction to Replication.” If you are using a Veritas filesystem, you can make a backup like this: 1.
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58 MySQL Administrator's Guide and Language Reference
See Section 5.1, “Introduction to Replication.” If you are using a Veritas filesystem, you can make a backup like this: 1. From a client program, ...
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59 Veritas Volume Manager(VXVM) installation on RHEL6
The Linux Cafe
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60 The VERITAS File System - SCO
The VxFS file system provides the online administration utility fsadm to resolve the problem of fragmentation. One of the functions of the fsadm utility is to ...
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61 Performance and Tuning
[Next] [Previous] [Top] [Contents] [Index]. VxFS System Administrator's Guide. Performance and Tuning. Chapter 5. Introduction. For any file system, ...
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62 Veritas™ File System Administrator's Guide HP-UX ... - FDOCUMENTS
Veritas™ File SystemAdministrator's Guide. HP-UX 11i v3. 5.1 Service Pack 1. Veritas File System Administrator's GuideThe software described in this book is ...
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63 InfoWorld - Jun 28, 1993 - Page 66 - Google Books Result
The latest UnixWare software guide lists more than 150 key applications for UnixWare, but with the exception of WordPerfect 5.1 and Lotus 1-2-3 for Unix, ...
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64 Veritas Storage Foundation™ Cluster File System High ...
You can tune Veritas File System (VxFS) file systems to create removable Storage Checkpoints by default. See the vxtunefs(1M) manual page. □ VxFS now attempts ...
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65 Veritas Storage Foundation™ Release Notes: HP-UX
To install the product, follow the instructions in the Veritas Storage Foundation Installation Guide. About Symantec Operations Readiness Tools Symantec ...
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