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1 Oversleeping: Bad for Your Health? | Johns Hopkins Medicine
Sleep needs can vary from person to person, but in general, experts recommend that healthy adults get an average of 7 to 9 hours per night of shuteye.
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2 Causes and Effects of Oversleeping - Sleep Foundation
Oversleeping, or long sleeping, is defined as sleeping more than nine hours1 in a 24-hour period. Hypersomnia2 describes a condition in which ...
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3 Oversleeping Side Effects: Is Too Much Sleep Harmful?
One recent study showed that people who slept for nine or 10 hours every night were 21% more likely to become obese over a six-year period ...
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4 Regularly sleeping too long may indicate a health problem
Not everyone who sleeps nine to 10 hours a day is unhealthy, doctors say. There are the “somewhat rare” folks who happen to be naturally long ...
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5 Long Sleeper - Sleep Education
Long sleepers” are people who regularly sleep more than the average person their age. Their nightly length of sleep can be 10 to 12 hours.
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6 I Attempted 10 Hours of Sleep a Night for 10 Nights
While the National Sleep Foundation recommends eight to nine hours a night for adults, Maslowsky advises sticking with whatever amount leaves you feeling rested ...
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7 Oversleeping: Why Are You Sleeping So Much?
This is similarly true at the other end of the range. Some people need 9 hours of sleep a night. But if you're regularly sleeping more than 9 hours, and still ...
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8 Want To Get Faster, Smarter? Sleep 10 Hours - NPR
"The goal was to aim for 10 hours of sleep per night," says Cheri Mah of the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic. At the beginning of the season, ...
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9 Oversleeping: Signs, Complications, and Outlook
Some people naturally need more sleep than others. “About 2 percent of the population are 'long sleepers' who require between 10 to 12 hours of ...
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10 I slept over 10 hours every night for a month - YouTube
I slept over 10 hours every night for a month. Can you oversleep?I accidentally happened to try this experiment a few months ago where I ...
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11 10 Hours of Deep Sleep Music - YouTube
Soothing Relaxation
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12 Too Much Sleep Can be Bad for Your Health | Premier Health
Yes, it is. And sleeping too much — 10 hours or more — can harm your health. Further, it may be a sign of underlying health problems, according to a ...
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13 'Any less than 10 hours and I feel grumpy': meet the clean ...
The term clean sleeping was coined by Gwyneth Paltrow (who else?), who in 2016 announced that she gets between seven and eight hours of “good‑ ...
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14 Sleeping A Lot—And What It Could Mean - Health
Sleeping nine hours was associated with a 14% increased risk of dying, 10 hours with a 30% higher risk, and 11 hours with a 47% higher risk.
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15 How many hours of sleep are enough? - Mayo Clinic
How many hours of sleep are enough for good health? ; 1 to 2 years, 11 to 14 hours per 24 hours, including naps ; 3 to 5 years, 10 to 13 hours per 24 hours, ...
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16 How Much Sleep Do I Need? - CDC
Age Group, Recommended Hours of Sleep Per Day ; Newborn, 0–3 months, 14–17 hours (National Sleep Foundation) · No recommendation (American Academy ...
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17 The Side Effects of Oversleeping: Is Too Much Sleep Harmful?
The upper airways end up collapsing for 10 seconds and this can happen hundreds of times a night. Due to this, our sleep gets disturbed multiple times per night ...
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18 Why do I need to sleep 10 hours to be okay? - Quora
Everyone needs different amounts of sleep to function at their best. 10 hours a night is certainly on the high end of normal so it might be a problem with the ...
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19 How Much Sleep Do I Need? (for Teens) - Nemours KidsHealth
Most teens need about 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night. Getting the right amount of sleep is important for anyone who wants to do well on a test or play ...
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20 Are You Sleeping Too Much? Possible Causes and What To Do
Are you sleeping too much? Going through an occasional bout of oversleeping (more than 10 hours per night) is common and usually has an ...
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21 How Much Sleep Do You Need? -
While sleep requirements vary slightly from person to person, most healthy adults need seven to nine hours of sleep per night to function at their best.
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22 Get Enough Sleep - MyHealthfinder |
Overview · Teens need 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night ; Health Benefits · Get sick less often; Stay at a healthy weight ; Trouble Sleeping · Stress ...
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23 Why Am I Sleeping So Much All of a Sudden? - Rise Science
Adults on average need about 8 hours and 10 minutes of sleep each night (give or take about 44 minutes), and 13.5% of adults need 9 hours or ...
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24 Oversleeping: The Effects & Health Risks of Sleeping Too Much
also found that those who slept more than 10 hours reported worse overall mental health over the past month compared to normal sleepers. Some ...
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25 10 Tips to Get More Sleep - American Cancer Society
The NIH says adults need 7-8 hours of sleep each night to stay in good mental and physical health, promote quality of life, ...
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26 Are You Oversleeping? 10 Causes of Excessive Sleep
Well, the “right” number of hours an individual should sleep is personal and will vary, but anything over nine hours is generally considered ...
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27 Power Sleep - The New York Times
Albert Einstein claimed he needed ten hours of sleep to function well. President Calvin Coolidge demanded eleven. Nighttime sleep wasn't adequate for ...
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28 Oversleeping: Is Too Much Sleep Bad for Your Health? - Insider
The right amount of sleep to get ; School Age (6-12 years). 9-12 hours ; Teenagers (13-17 years). 8-10 hours ; Adults (18-60 years). 7 or more ...
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29 Why Do I Sleep So Much: 10 Reasons for Oversleeping
If you're falling asleep during the day after regularly sleeping less than 7 hours at night, not getting enough Zzz's at night could be the ...
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30 Here are the Signs You're Getting Too Much Sleep - SleepScore
School-aged and teens: Around 10 hours of sleep per night; Adults and seniors: 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Keep in mind that your personal ...
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31 Teens and sleep: Why you need it and how to get enough
Scientific research shows that many teens do not get enough sleep. To be at your best, you need between 8 and 10 hours of sleep every day.
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32 Oversleeping: Here's What Happens When You Get Too Much ...
Every person is different when it comes to exactly how much sleep they need to feel rested. While eight hours is the sweet spot, there can be ...
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33 Sleeping hours: what is the ideal number and how does age ...
by JP Chaput · 2018 · Cited by 254 —
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34 Sleep - hypersomnia - Better Health Channel
Causes of hypersomnia · Insufficient or inadequate sleep – long working hours and overtime can be tolerated for months or years before the symptoms of sleepiness ...
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It is well known that as children get older they need less sleep. ... 12 hours. More than 12 hours. Teenagers. 8 to 10 hours. 7 hours. Less than 7 hours.
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36 Sleep Calculator
Calculator to compute the time to wake up or go to bed based on sleep cycle or duration of sleep ... 3–5 years, 10–13 hours per 24 hours (including naps).
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37 Sleep and teenagers: 12-18 years - Raising Children Network
About teenage sleep needs and sleep patterns ... Most teenagers need 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Some need as little as 7 hours or as much as ...
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38 Sleeping More Than 8 Hours a Night May Be a Deadly ...
An average of 10 hours of sleep also equated to a 56 percent increase in stroke mortality risk, and a 49 percent increase in cardiovascular ...
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39 Are you tired from...too much sleep? - Harvard Health
Although most of us need about eight hours a night to feel refreshed during the day, what counts as sufficient sleep is highly individual. It makes sense that ...
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40 You should be sleeping more than eight hours a night ... - Quartz
PublishedJune 10, 2018. For something that we spend a third of our lives doing (if we're lucky), sleep is something that we know relatively ...
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41 How to Stop Oversleeping: 9 Tips and Tricks | Casper Blog
How Much Sleep Do You Need? · Young children ages 3 to 5: 10 to 13 hours · School-age children ages 6 to 12: 9 to 12 hours · Teenagers ages 13 to ...
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42 Hypersomnia: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment
Constant, recurrent episodes of extreme sleepiness during the day. Sleeping longer than average (10 or more hours) yet still being very sleepy ...
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43 More than 8 hours sleep each night is bad for you
According to the researchers at the University of California, those who sleep 9-10 hours a night seem to have more problems, ranging from difficulty in ...
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44 Sleep and tiredness - NHS
Find out how to sleep well and the common lifestyle factors that are making you tired.
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45 What is Oversleeping? - CVG Cares - Cardiovascular Group
Because their quality of sleep is so poor, those with sleep apnea usually oversleep to compensate. Someone with this condition may sleep for 10 ...
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46 Sleep 3 – 6 months - HealthyWA
A few sleep 12 hours at night without interruption, some manage 8 hours ... You could try a 'late feed' or 'sleepy feed' at about 10pm, before you go to bed ...
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47 What your sleep patterns say about your health - CNN
Do you sleep between seven to nine hours per night? According to the experts, this is the amount needed, on average, to keep our minds alert and ...
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48 5 Reasons Why You Only Sleep a Few Hours a Night
If you cannot sleep for more than four to five hours per night (or less), you may have sleep deprivation. In addition, regular sleep ...
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49 Is 6 Hours Of Sleep Enough - How Much Sleep Do You Need ...
The recommended number of hours is 7 to 9 hours, with 6 hours or 10 hours of sleep deemed appropriate on either side. It is not a good idea to ...
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50 Healthy Sleep Habits: How Many Hours Does Your Child Need?
Keep in mind that these numbers reflect total sleep hours in a 24-hour period. So if your son or daughter still naps, you'll need to take that ...
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51 6 Bad Things That Happen When You Sleep Too Much
"Individuals who sleep more than 10 hours per day generally have worse health profiles than those who sleep 7 to 8 hours," says Susan ...
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52 Recommended Amount of Sleep for Pediatric Populations
per 24 hours (including naps) on a regular basis to promote optimal health. • Children 3 to 5 years of age should sleep 10 to 13 hours.
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53 How To Stop Oversleeping | The Sleep Matters Club - Dreams
According to the Sleep Foundation, getting over 9 hours of sleep a night is classed as oversleeping for an adult. The amount of sleep you need ...
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54 How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?
How many hours of sleep you should get varies by person and age, but most people need between seven and nine hours each night.
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55 Can Babies Sleep Too Much? - What to Expect
A 4-month-old might sleep for a six- or eight-hour stretch at night, while a 6-month old can go for 10 or 11 hours. As your baby nears her ...
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56 Pediatric Hypersomnia (Excessive Daytime Sleepiness)
While many daytime sleep disorders result from a lack of nighttime sleep, people with hypersomnia may sleep 10 or more hours each night.
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57 What Is Productive Sleep and How Can You Do It Better?
Albert Einstein is said to have slept 10 hours per night, plus regular daytime naps. Other great achievers, inventors, and thinkers – such as Nikola Tesla, ...
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58 How to Stay Awake Naturally | Sleep Center - Salem Health
The 10-minute walk increased energy for two hours. That's because walking pumps oxygen through your veins, brain, and muscles. If you work at a desk, get up ...
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59 How much sleep do kids need? - Today's Parent
For 10-year-olds, the optimal snooze time was nine to nine-and-a-half hours; for 12-year-olds, it was eight to eight-and-a-half hours; and for ...
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60 Sleep in Adolescents - Nationwide Children's Hospital
Adolescents are notorious for not getting enough sleep. The average amount of sleep that teenagers get is between 7 and 7 ¼ hours.
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61 The Secret to Baby Sleeping 12 Hours at Night
The Sleep in America Poll says kids are sleeping ~10 hours at night by the their first birthday. It also says that over 1/3 of kids aren't getting enough sleep.
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62 Why do I still feel tired after 8 hours of sleep? - Active Health
Getting a full eight hours of sleep a night is often a struggle. To make matters worse, there are times when one continues to feel tired despite supposedly ...
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63 10 hours of sleep every day can help you hit 100!
Want to live to 100? Well, then get 10 hours of sleep a night, suggests a new study. Sleep is a major factor in rejuvenating the body and ...
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64 Why You Feel More Tired After Sleeping More - Business Insider
The average person needs 7.5 hours of sleep and goes through five sleep cycles per night (the 5th is REM). ... It's hardest to wake up from sleep ...
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65 This Is What Happens When You Get Too Much Sleep
“There are also otherwise normal people who are 'long sleepers'—they function perfectly well if they get 9 or 10 hours but are sleepy on ...
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66 How Much Sleep Does My Child Need? Are Naps Necessary?
7 to 13-year-olds need about 10 hours. Even 18-year-olds need about 9 hours of sleep each night. Sound impossible? Sometimes it is. However, the reason it seems ...
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67 It's possible to get too much sleep, but don't let that keep you ...
Aim for eight hours every single night, regardless of how much you think you need. And if you're consistently sleeping more than nine or ten ...
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68 The Benefits of Getting a Full Night's Sleep - SCL Health
Racking up eight full hours of sleep isn't going to result in losing the lbs. by itself, but it can help your body from packing on the pounds.
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69 Among teens, sleep deprivation an epidemic | News Center
The most recent national poll shows that more than 87 percent of U.S. high school students get far less than the recommended eight to 10 hours ...
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70 How Much Sleep Do You Really Need? - Mattress Advisor
Required sleep by age ; Infants 4-11 months, 12 to 15 hours, 10 to 11 hours 16 to 18 hours ; Toddlers 1-2 years, 11 to 14 hours, 9 to 10 hours 15 to 16 hours ...
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71 Tired all the time? Here's a formula for the perfect night's sleep
Sleep needs vary with age but 7 hours is the ideal in for people aged 38 to 73. Sleeping well can significantly improve physical and mental ...
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72 How To Turn Off Middle-Of-The-Night Insomnia
The recommended sleep duration for healthy adults is between 7 to 9 hours, but without the presence of electricity, we would actually be in ...
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73 Why am I So Tired All The Time? - Alaska Sleep Clinic
Try this 7.5 hours sleep duration for 3 days. If you find yourself waking about 10 minutes before your alarm goes off, you've found your ...
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74 Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder
The sleep cycle of persons with N24 usually ranges from just over 24 hours (e.g. 24.1 hours) to as many as 28-30 hours in extreme cases. Cases with cycles less ...
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75 Why I Sleep 9 Hours a Day — and You Must Too - Medium
Sleep deprivation is linked to higher mortality risk. ... An individual that sleeps on average less than six hours per night has a ten percent ...
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76 How oversleeping and lack of sleep affect your child's mood
Infants and toddlers may sleep 10-12 hours; School-aged children sleep about 10 hours; Adolescents and teens sleep approximately eight to nine hours.
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77 you need eight hours of continuous sleep each night
Sleep need varies depending on the individual and can be anywhere from 12 hours in long-sleeping children, to six hours in short-sleeping ...
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78 Does an extra hour of sleep matter? - BBC Worklife
You're probably sleep deprived and don't even know it, experts say. ... “Even if you get 10 hours of sleep, if it's not in line with your ...
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79 Idiopathic Hypersomnia - Stanford Health Care
Sleep enormous amounts every day (10 hours or more); Display “sleep drunkenness,” such as extreme sleep inertia, difficulties waking up with alarm clocks and ...
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80 Cant wake up? the surprising reasons you may be oversleeping
If you can't seem to get out of bed in the morning despite getting 8, 9 or 10 hours of sleep at night, or you keep hitting snooze despite the fact that you ...
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81 Does everyone really need 8 hours of sleep? Not exactly - CNET
Sleep needs change over your lifespan · Newborns (0-3 months): 14 to 17 hours per day · Infants (4-11 months): 12 to 15 hours per day · Toddlers (1 ...
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82 Why Seven Hours of Sleep Might Be Better Than Eight - WSJ
How much sleep do you really need? Experts generally recommend seven to nine hours a night for healthy adults. Sleep scientists say new ...
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83 How Much Sleep Should a College Student Get?
Teenagers need more sleep than adults. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, teenagers need 8-10 hours of sleep, while adults 18-60 ...
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84 How To Sleep 8 Hours in 4 Hours | MySlumberYard
Non REM sleep · REM sleep · Read a book · Practice yoga stretches · Take a pre-bedtime bath · Write in a journal.
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85 Sleep and Covid-19: Experts offer 7 tips for not feeling so ...
That's not great. If you're between the ages of 18 and 64, you're supposed to sleep between seven to nine hours. If you feel crummy after not ...
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86 Why Is My 4 Month-Old Not Sleeping?
Remember, your baby can only be expected to sleep 9-11 hours at night. ... You could feed or rock him for 10 minutes and then he'd sleep a few hours.
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87 The '8 Hours of Sleep' Rule Is a Myth. Here's What You Should ...
In order to get a healthy eight hours of sleep, which is the amount that many people need, you need to be in bed for 8.5 hours. The standard in ...
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88 10 month old sleep schedule: Bedtime and nap ... - Huckleberry
At 10 months old, we'll aim for at least 13.5 hours of total sleep per day (11 - 12 hours at night and 2 - 3 hours of daytime sleep over two ...
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89 Healthy sleep in children - Children's Health Queensland
How much sleep does a child need? ; Toddlers: 1 to 2 years, 11 to 14 hours (including naps) ; Pre-schoolers: 3 to 5 years, 10 to 13 hours ( ...
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90 Changes In Sleep Patterns In Older Adults |
Most healthy older adults aged 65 or older need 7-8 hours of sleep each night to feel rested and alert. But as you age, your sleep patterns ...
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91 Here's How Much Sleep Your Baby and Kids Should Be Getting
Baby and Child Sleep Chart by Age ; Infant, 4 to 12 Months, 4–5 hours (2–3 naps), 9–10 hours, 12–16 hours ; Toddler, 1 to 2 Years, 2–3 hours (2 naps), 11 hours ...
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92 Regularly sleeping for longer than 8 hours can shorten your ...
According to the NHS, “most adults need between six and nine hours of sleep every night.” Though now, a new global study has found that people ...
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93 Healthy Sleep - MedlinePlus
Teens: 9-10 hours a day; Adults (including older adults): 7-8 hours a day. During puberty, teenagers' biological clocks shift, and they are more ...
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94 Kids and Sleep: When Should a Parent be Concerned?
School-age kids should aim for 10 hours a day and teenagers should ... In some cultures, children sleep more at night and nap less during ...
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95 How many hours of sleep do successful people get each night
“I need 8ish hours of sleep a night,” Lutke wrote. “Same with everybody else, whether we admit it or not.” Indeed, it's recommended that adults ...
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96 Insufficient Sleep in Children | Children's Hospital Colorado
Infants (4 to 12 months): 12 to 16 hours (including naps) · Toddlers (1 to 2 years): 11 to 14 hours (including naps) · Preschoolers (3 to 5 years): 10 to 13 hours ...
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97 It Takes Me Hours to Fall Asleep – Am I Normal?
If you make them go to bed at 10:00, they won't feel sleepy, and it may take them hours to go to sleep. All adolescents are, by development, ...
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