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1 How do I escape to Obristan with my whole family? - Arqade
You need to confiscate Obristan passports from people that come through your booth, the same way that you would confiscate ones for citizens ...
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2 Escape to Obristan or Stay with family - Steam Community
I never beat the game but I bet it could get interesting if you stay, you know I should start playing some Papers Plz again. #3. denton91 · View ...
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3 Papers Please Endings Guide - All Endings, How to Unlock
This ending is triggered if the inspector manages to escape to Obristan with his living family members. The inspector must have illegally ...
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4 Let's make a list of the endings, alright? [SPOILERS!!!!!!! - Reddit
r/papersplease • 9 yr. ago ... Ending 18 - The whole family escapes to Obristan. ... Ending 3 - You show the EZIC documents to the inspector and you get ...
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5 Escape to Obristan, EZIC and Man in red endings - Twitch
Aug 30, 2017
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6 Fridge / Papers, Please - TV Tropes
Two bits of Fridge Brilliance pertaining to the escape endings: The Obristan border guard asks for your whole family's passports instead of letting them through ...
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7 Snowier Pastures trophy in Papers, Please (Vita) - TrueTrophies
How to unlock the Snowier Pastures trophy in Papers, Please (Vita): Escape to Obristan. This is a Silver trophy.
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8 Ending question (spoilers, obviously) - Papers, Please
I'm trying to get the ending for escaping to Obristan with the whole family. (Ending 18, I believe.) At first I thought I didn't get enough passports for ...
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9 Papers Please Endings 20/20 - naguide
Papers Please Ending 18/20 · How to get: (Requires 25 credits available per family member) Escape to Obristan with all of the living family ...
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10 Snowier Pastures achievement in Papers, Please
To get this achievement, you need to escape to Obristan during the last 3 days of the game (from day 29 to day 31) with all of your family.
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11 Snowier Pastures Trophy in Papers, Please
On Day 29, Jorji returns and he tells you about his friend who can make forged Obristan passports. You will have the option of escaping that day but in ...
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12 Snowier Pastures Trophy • Papers, Please •
› trophy › 11-snowier-pastures
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13 Papers, Please - Speed Demos Archive
Papers, Please focuses on the work life of an immigration inspector at a border ... Any% Escape to Obristan ending (expected to be several minutes faster, ...
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14 Papers Please Endings guide - All 20 Endings - -
Papers Please Endings guide - How to get all the available endings (20), ... How to get: (Requires not to escape to Obristan) Complete 3 or less EZIC Task, ...
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15 How to do the all-tokens run - Guides - Papers, Please
Somehow. Ending 16: Escape to obristan on your own. You can do this by only confiscating one Obristan passport. (Long ending.) Only confiscate ...
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16 Honesty in Papers, Please - DIGITAL STORYTELLING
We see in endings 16 and 18 when the inspector escapes to Obristan, he lies to the Obristan inspector about his goal to escape Arstotzka and ...
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17 How did your first try at the game end? (spoilers, probably)
Forums »; Papers, Please ... One thing i'm wondering about the escape to Obristan is, i got passports for all of my family but i only heard ...
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18 Papers, Please Part #9 - Loyal Citizen Part 10
Let's Play Papers, Please by Rocket Baby Dolls - Part 9: Loyal Citizen Part 10. ... After this I kinda wish I did escape to Obristan!
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19 Papers, Please · Steam Game ·
Worker's Best Acquire a Class-5 Apartment. 7.3%. Republia Token Collect the hidden Republia Token, 7.1%. Snowier Pastures Escape to Obristan.
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20 8 Video Games Where The Best Ending Is Impossible
Lucas Pope's bureaucracy-and-poverty simulator Papers, Please has an ... Escaping to the neighbouring Obristan requires the player to ...
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21 Discuss Papers, Please | Codewars
Papers, Please is an indie video game where the player takes on a the role of a ... Obristan escape) (below); Savings systems, and the code must provide ...
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22 obristan-above-all - Tumblr blog - Tumpik
This blog is a multi-muse askbox/RP hub for my Papers, Please characters, ... Yuri still escaped to Obristan with his family (referencing my first ending.).
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23 About Me - Obristan Above All!
I got into Papers, Please by watching Jacksepticeye's Youtube videos on the game. ... where you forge the Obristan passports and escape with everyone.
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24 Papers, Please Achievements - Google Play -
Escape to Obristan. 10000. 7.02% (683.7). Member of the Order. Help EZIC overthrow the government. 10000. 8.77% (441.3). Glory to Arstotzka.
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25 Achievements Completed in Game + Endings + List of Rules
Also most of this information is from the Papers, Please wiki. ... from destroying the wall and the inspector should not escape to Obristan.
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26 All papers please passport layouts - crtews
Needed to escape to Obristan near the end of the game (endings 16 and 18).One of the two passports that use the layout from the beta version (the country ...
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27 Papers, Please - Easy "snowier Pastures" Achievement (iOS)
You must escape to Obristan with all living family members. Start by illegally confiscating passport...
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28 Papers Please EZIC - Daze Puzzle
The inspector has the opportunity to escape to Obristan on Day 31. Failure to escape or end the game on this day will allow Papers, Please ...
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29 Google Play Achievements for Papers, Please - Chapter Cheats
Google Play Achievements for Papers, Please ... Papers, Please. Developer: 3909; Publisher: 3909 ... Snowier Pastures, Escape to Obristan.
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30 Guidelines
Client must provide existing Obristan passport to be modified with new info ... Papers, please. ... You can now escape to Obristan with one family member.
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31 Ethical Self-Reflection in Papers, Please. - Document - Gale
This shows how the response is distinct from a ludic win/lose condition. The player still 'wins', but they do not escape criticism from the game's implied ...
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32 'Papers, Please': Ending Achievement Guide - GameSkinny
If the player does not escape to Obristan, the Arstotzkan government will allow the inspector to continue working at the border checkpoint. The ...
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33 Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Papers, Please on Android
Papers, Please for Android cheats - Cheating Dome has all the latest cheat ... neutralize both EZIC attackers and do not escape to Obristan afterwards.
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34 Jorji Costava (@ArstotzkaJorji) / Twitter
Obristan Joined September 2013 ... Papers Please is winner but I only find out now? ... I no have business, I escape wife's cooking! Haha!
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35 Papers, Please (App 239030) - SteamDB
› app
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36 (PDF) Ethical Self-Reflection in Papers, Please - ResearchGate
This article analyses Papers, Please through the expressed self. ... The player still 'wins', but they do not escape criticism from the ...
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37 /ARS/ - Rigged Wiki
/mf/ · Tuesday Night Rigging, 5–2 W, Papers Please Goal 5', 32', 44' Glory to Arstotzka Goal 37' EZIC Goal 72'.
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38 What are the hidden achievements in Papers, Please?
Escape to Obristan with all (living) family members (ending 18) ... How do you get the snowier pastures achievement in Papers, Please?
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39 Papers, Please 2 - Game Jolt
Papers, Please has just ended, and you decided to escape to Obristan. You get a new job there as a police inspector, and it's your job to ...
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40 PSV《Papers, Please》中文奖杯列表
PSV《Papers, Please》中文奖杯列表 ... Collect the hidden Obristan Token, 05-24 19:43, 30.80% 珍贵. #5 Kolechia Token ... Escape to Obristan, 05-30
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41 Papers, Please | Indie Gamer Chick
Ultimately, I play video games to have fun and escape the trials and tribulations of real life for a few hours. Being cast in the role of an ...
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42 Papers, Please - Cheat Code Central
... codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Papers, Please for PC. ... Snowier Pastures: Escape to Obristan.
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43 nl-pp/nl.csv at master · noirscape/nl-pp - GitHub
› noirscape › nl-pp › blob › master
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44 What does Arstotzka mean?
Arstotzka is a communist country in Papers, Please. ... Is Obristan better than Arstotzka? Who said Papers ... What happens if you escape in papers please?
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45 Obristan Archives | Aggressive Comix
“Papers, please.” I say to the rather rotund lady that just entered my booth. She slips a passport, an entry permit, and an identification ...
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46 Day 32 - Null Bug, page 1 - Forum -
Papers, PleaseDay 32 - Null Bug(4 posts)(4 posts) ... To work around the issue, escape to Obristan, go back to a previous day and assist ...
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47 Papers, Please [Available 8/8] - TIGSource Forums
Obristan Escape Sequence Long before relase, as a way to announce the final price for Papers Please, I created a simple HTML5 game:
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48 Papers, Please: what the game told us - Alain Dellepiane
This is most evident in the endings: while the Obristan escape can be perceived as "the good" ending by most, Lucas chose to portray it exactly ...
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49 Game analysis "Papers, Please" - Authority vs. Moral
Papers, Please was meant to be a short game, easy to play. ... games—Escape from Woomera (EFW Team, 2003), Papers, Please (Lukas Pope, 2013) and Everyday ...
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50 What does a better apartment do in papers please?
To earn the Worker's Best trophy in Papers, Please, you must move up into ... Ending 18: Escape to Obristan with all living family members.
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51 Papers, Please FAQ/Walkthrough - A Darkstar Ripclaw
Papers, Please FAQ/Walkthrough By: Darkstar Ripclaw The most recent ... You can also escape to Obristan following today, though you may not ...
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52 Papers, Please Cheats, Cheat Codes, Hints, Tips - Cheatbook
Snowier Pastures - Escape to Obristan. Too Honest - Turn over EZIC docs to M.O.I investigator. Worker's Best - Acquire a Class-5 Apartment. Endless Mode Code ...
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53 ApolloFrank - Papers, Please pk:6583 | myPSt Mobile
Escape to Obristan 46.7 PDM. 1 · Glory to Arstotzka Ignore all EZIC requests and work dutifully 48.7 PDM. 1 · Worker's Best Acquire a Class-5 Apartment
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54 Papers Please Cheat Sheet [List 2022] -
Snowier Pastures: Escape to Obristan. Too Honest: Turn over EZIC docs to M.O.I investigator. United Federation Token: Collect the hidden United ...
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55 NationStates • View topic - Papers, Please? (OOC)
Real nations don't exist here, only those that appear in "Papers, Please? ... Fearing for his life, he decided to escape from police custody ...
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56 #papers please on Tumblr
See a recent post on Tumblr from @swanno-arts about papers please. ... You follow the story of a couple who has escaped their home world and arranged ...
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57 Papers, Please (PS Vita) - Trophies - PlayStation Mania
Complete trophy list for Papers, Please (Vita): 6 silver, 7 bronze. ... Snowier Pastures: Escape to Obristan. Glory to Arstotzka. Adjustment pixel ...
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58 Can you get Papers, Please for free? - Gaming Section
Papers, Please is provided via Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux and is also ... Kolechia is a neighboring country west of Arstotzka, bordered by Obristan, ...
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59 Papers, Please: Personal Journal - Medium
He suggests I confiscate more and forge them so that I might escape to Obristan. (unaviodable citation) —Father of child-killer Simon Wens ...
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60 What happens if I accept the EZIC gift? - nbccomedyplayground
Obristan requires re-entry tickets from Obri passport holders who wish to re-enter the ... Where do you find Arstotzka in Papers Please?
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61 Atlas of Imagined Places: from Lilliput to Gotham City
... pp.108–109, F2 Norvinsk, Russia (region), Escape from Tarkov (video game), pp.50–51, ... pp.64–65, B1 Obristan (fictional country), Papers, Please ...
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62 Catalyst's Latest Unlocked Achievements - Steam Hunters
This achievement is hidden. Escape to Obristan ... Obristan Token Papers, Please. Collect the hidden Obristan Token. 5,591 / 6,436 52 86.8 %.
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