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1 Purchased ringtone not listed under sound… - Apple Community
Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics, then tap on any sound. At the top of the page, tap Download All Purchased Tones to check for any previously ...
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2 Purchased ringtone not showing up - Apple Community
Hey there amaraalogan, We understand you're not seeing a purchased ringtone, and we'd like to share a resource that can help. Check it out here: Use tones ...
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3 Can't set purchased ringtone as my ringto… - Apple Community
What's the iOS version you're using? This is in Settings > General > About. If your iOS is up-to-date, it might be a good idea to contact iTunes ...
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4 Purchased Ringtone is not showing up - Apple Community
Purchased Ringtone is not showing up. I bought a couple of ringtones and they are not showing up in my settings > sounds & haptics.
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5 Ringtone issue - Apple Support Communities
Ringtone issue. The purchased ringtone is not showing in downloaded section and unable to set the tone.
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6 Where's my ringtone? - Apple Community - Apple Discussions
If you're using your iPhone you can go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics or Sounds on some iPhone models > Ringtones to find the ringtone. Tap on ...
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7 Purchased Tone not downloading - Apple Community
Hello Lurdan, It sounds like you are not able to download your purchased Tone. Here are some resources and troubleshooting steps that might help: Ensure ...
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8 6 Ways to Fix iPhone Custom Ringtones Not Working
How to Fix iPhone Ringtones Not Working after iOS 16 Update · 1. Manually Import Tones · 2. Check the Ring/Silent Switch Button · 3. Purchase New ...
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9 iOS 12 Custom Ringtone Not Working? Here's the fix
Connect your iPhone to iTunes through PC or Mac. · Choose Tones and erase all the purchased ringtones. · And click “Sync”. · Then go to Settings->Sounds->Ringtone- ...
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10 How to redownload purchased ringtones on iPhone and iPad
Tap it and iOS will redownload all ringtones and alert tones purchased from iTunes using your Apple ID account and make them available right ...
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11 How To Download Already Purchased Ringtones On Your ...
1. Open the Settings app of your iOS device. · 2. Select Sounds & Haptics. · 3. In the Sounds and Vibrations Patterns section, tap on Ringtone! · 4 ...
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12 iPhone 12 No history of my ringtone purchase any where ...
It may be that tones purchased a long time ago are no longer available for some reason. The charge may be pending because sometimes Apple waits ...
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13 3 Ways to Transfer iPhone Ringtones - Wide Angle Software
If you have ringtones that you've created yourself, ringtones that were not purchased from iTunes Store, or if you are running iOS 10 or lower, ...
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14 Fix Purchased/ Custom iPhone Ringtone not working after iOS ...
Fix Purchased/ Custom iPhone Ringtone not working after iOS Upgrade · Fix #1. Manually import Ringtones if iPhone won't play purchased ringtones · Fix #2. Check ...
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15 How to Fix: Tones Tab Not Showing in iTunes 12.7 - iMobie
Sync Ringtones/Tones to iPhone iPad without iTunes. Although iTunes doesn't support syncing ringtones, and the Tones tab does not appear in ...
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16 Where do Ringtones go after I purchase them? - iMore forums
Just for clarification, ringtones that are purchased once from the iTunes Store don't fall under your purchases to download again. You literally ...
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17 How Do I Find My Ringtone in the iTunes Store? - TuneCore
Open the iTunes Store application on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. · Search the store, by clicking on the magnifying glass. · Search by your release name or ...
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18 Is Tones Not Showing in iTunes? Here are the Solutions! [2022]
I'm planning to transfer tones to my newly purchased iPhone 13. But I can't find “Tones” tab in iTunes. Why is the Tones tab not appearing ...
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19 iOS: How to Retrieve Purchased Ringtones - The Mac Observer
First, open the Settings app on your device. Scroll down to Sounds & Haptics, and tap on it. Next, look for the Ringtone option and tap to ...
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20 Find missing ringtones, understand the mysterious 'Other' on ...
When you connect the iPhone to iTunes, and click iPhone, you should see a Tones tab at the top of the window. Click this, then make sure you've ...
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21 How to Use a Purchased Ringtone on the iPhone 6
If your purchased ringtone is not visible, you can tap the Download Purchased Tones button at the top of the menu. If there are any purchased, ...
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22 How Do I Change The Ringtone On An iPhone? The Real Fix.
If you don't like any of the default ringtones that come with your iPhone, you can purchase a new ringtone from the Settings app on your iPhone.
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23 Missing ringtones ? : r/iphone - Reddit
if you have ever backed up your phone to iTunes then you're ringtone should be there in Tones. just sync it back.
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24 3 Ways to Get Ringtones for the iPhone - wikiHow
› ... › Smartphones › IPhone
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25 [Sloved] iPhone Ringtones Not Working After iOS 16 Update
Part 2: How to Fix Ringtones Not Working on iPhone · 2. Adjust the Ringtone Volume · 3. Turn off Do Not Disturb Mode · 4. Re-download All Purchased ...
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26 How to Recover Ringtones After You Reset Your iPhone
Explore this article · Restore From iTunes · Connect your iPhone · Click the iPhone button · Select the Tones'' tab · Restore From iCloud · Tap the iTunes Store app ...
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27 How To Set Song From Apple Music As Ringtone - On Iphone
 in this video
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28 how do i download ringtones from my itunes | Peatix
but you can also buy ringtones and other tones from the iTunes Store. At the top of the page, tap Download All Purchased Tones to check for any More ways to ...
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29 How to Buy Ringtones on the iPhone - Lifewire
Open the iTunes Store app. · Tap the Search button. · In the Search text box, enter the music, artist, or show you want for a ringtone. · In the ...
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30 How do I change my ringtone to a song I bought on iTunes on ...
Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone · Click on “Tone Store”, this will open the Tone Store · Search and purchase the Ringtone you want · Back to the “Settings > ...
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31 Can't Drag a Ringtone to iPhone with iTunes or Music? Here's ...
It's not entirely clear why or when drag and drop stopped working with copying ringtones over to the iPhone, it may be something specific to ...
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32 3 Methods to Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPad with ...
If you purchase ringtones from iTunes Store, the purchased ringtones will automatically appear on your iPad if you sign in to iTunes Store with the same Apple ...
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33 Easy Way to Make Ringtones From Purchased Songs for iPhone
Step 1. Click on the song you want to use to make a ringtone in your iTunes Music Library. · Step 2. Click "Store," then "Create Ringtone." · Step 3. Adjust the ...
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34 why are my tones not showing in itunes? - [Answer] 2022
There are a few reasons why your custom ringtones might not be showing up on your iPhone. One possibility is that you may not have synced your ringtones with ...
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35 How to Buy Ringtones on iPhone and iPad - iGeeksBlog
How to Purchase an iPhone Ringtone from the iTunes Store · Tap on Tone Store or you can also directly Open the iTunes Store app. · In the pop up ...
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36 How to Use Custom Ringtones And Tones After Updating to ...
Not Working? Can't Save Custom Ringtones to iPhone using iTunes? · Connect the device to a computer · Enable the sidebar in iTunes (if hidden) ...
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37 Can you download ringtones for iPhone without using iTunes?
Another possibility is that you have not properly sync'd your iPhone with iTunes. In order for purchased ringtones to appear on your iPhone, ...
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38 How To Set Ringtone In Iphone From Files -
Why are my custom Ringtones not showing up on iPhone? Connect iPhone to computer and run iTunes, select “Tones” under “On My Device”.
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39 How to Add a Ringtone to iPhone Without iTunes - Alphr
› PC & Mobile › Apps › iTunes
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40 [2022] You'll Never Guess How to Add Ringtones to iPhone
Lies, lies, lies! I found a simpler way to do it! If you have the custom ringtones on a file on your computer, all you need to do is have your ...
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41 Cannot sync ringtone - Ask Different - Apple Stack Exchange
Try to • move the ringtones from iTunes to the Desktop (or any other "safe" place) • delete ...
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42 How to find your custom ringtones after iTunes dumped them
To check for purchased ringtones, head to the Settings app on your iOS 11 devices. Under Settings>Sound & Haptics, tap on any sound, and you'll ...
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43 Add a song to Ringtone options | iPhone 11 Pro Max - T-Mobile
› topic › media-amp-sound
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44 How to Transfer Ringtone from iPhone to iPhone -
In some cases, you may fail to redownload some previously bought ringtones, for the ringtone owner has stopped selling the ringtone and the ...
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45 How to make your own iPhone ringtone from a song for free
If it isn't installed, open the App Store on your iPhone and search for GarageBand. It's free, but it does take up around 1.6GB of storage. You' ...
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46 How to Set an MP3 as a Ringtone on an iPhone
Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable. The iPhone should appear in iTunes under “Devices.” Under the iPhone, you should see a set of icons ...
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47 How can I download music on my iPhone for free and set it as ...
If GarageBand isn't on your device, you can download it from the App Store. Contents [Ocultar] ... 11 Why is my purchased ringtone not working on my iPhone?
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48 How to recover ringtones that we bought in iTunes? - AppleVis
You cannot redownload your ring tones you baught from itunes. I suggest making your own or download them for free at as you ...
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49 iPhone: How to Make Custom Music Ringtones Using iTunes
When trying to get ringtones for your Apple iPhone, you have a few different options. You could purchase ringtones from within iTunes, or you can create ...
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50 How to add ringtones to your iPhone - How2forU
If you want to activate a ringtone you bought some time ago (using the same Apple ID), go to “Settings” > “Ringtone” and tap “Download All Purchased Tones”. (If ...
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51 Free iPhone Ringtones using iTunes | Mobile Fun Blog
UPDATE:A few people have had a problem with the ringtones showing in iTunes in the ringtones section, but they aren't syncing to the phone. To ...
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52 How to Make and Set Custom Ringtones on iPhone
Feb 24, 2022 —
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53 2 Methods to Add Ringtones from iPhone to iTunes - Coolmuster
For copyright issue, iTunes only supports to sync or transfer purchased items from iPhone, iPad or iPod, including ringtones from iPhone. It ...
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54 How to make custom ringtones for your iPhone
3. If it's not already selected, click "Summary" in the left pane and then, in the Options section on the right, click to check the option ...
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55 Where Are My Ringtones in iTunes: A Guide for You - FoneDog
There is nothing wrong with your iOS device when you don't see the Tones folder in iTunes, especially after the update to version 12.7. It only ...
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56 How to set a song as your ringtone on iPhone - Mashable
To set a song as your ringtone it needs to saved in your Files app or must be purchased and downloaded on your phone.
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57 How To Create Your Own Custom Ringtones Using iTunes
Fire up iTunes and make sure it is updated to the newest version. Then import your edited audio file to it. Right-click on the music file and ...
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58 How to Set a Ringtone in iPhone without iTunes or a Computer
Though there are many ringtone-making apps available for your iPhone, not all of them are good. The Ringtones: Ringtones: Ringtone Maker app ...
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59 How to Make Ringtones for an iPhone | Digital Trends
The iPhone comes stocked with a variety of ringtones, but because we tend ... Enter the times you want up to but not exceeding 30 seconds.
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60 [Best Way] How to Download Ringtones on iPhone X/8/7/6/6s/5
Users cannot only purchase ringtones from iTunes Store, but also sync ringtones from computer to iPhone. If you do not like iTunes, ...
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61 Apple unleashes iPhone ringtones feature via iTunes (first look)
Purchased ringtones will appear under a new "Ringtones" playlist in your iTunes library, as well as under a new "Ringtone" tab that displays in ...
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62 How Do I Change The Ringtone On iPhone 8? The Real Fix!
If you'd like your iPhone 8 ringtone to be a specific song, go into Settings -> Sounds & Haptics -> Ringtone and tap Tone Store. ... To purchase a ...
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63 How to Set a Song as Ringtone on iPhone (Simple Guide)
Setting up your favorite song as a ringtone on iPhone isn't all that difficult, just time-consuming. Purchasing the tune directly from iTunes is ...
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64 Setting ringtones on your iPhone - Zedge Help Center
Once you have found and downloaded a ringtone you would like to use on your iPhone, you can follow these steps: Open the GarageBand app on ...
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65 How to Set Apple Music Song as iPhone Ringtone for Free?
As you might already know, that Apple Music songs are not available in the list of ringtone options on your iPhone even though they're ...
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66 How To Set a Song as Individual iPhone Ringtone
The iPhone offers some pre-installed ringtones and you can purchase additional ringtones in the iTunes Store. The operating system iOS does not allow using ...
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67 How to Set Ringtone in iPhone without iTunes [The EASY Way]
6) Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone – (On Your iPhone). How to Set Up iPhone Ringtone - How to Make A Ringtone Without GarageBand How to find your ...
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68 How to Get Ringtones on iPhone - All Things How
To purchase and set a ringtone from the iTunes Store, tap on the 'iTunes Store' icon on the screen to launch the app. You will now see various ...
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69 Android: Ringtone is not visible in settings>Sound and Display ...
If the ringtone does not show up, restart your phone and check again. Some versions of Android the "sound" is in "settings", then touch "audio profiles" ...
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70 how to change your iPhone ringtone - TechRadar
› How-to › Mobile Phones
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71 Apple Highlights Ringtone Purchasing in iOS 4.3
To navigate there now and preview ringtones you must open the iTunes app, select More from the bottom menu and choose Ringtones. Not difficult, ...
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72 How to Make Ringtones for iPhone Without Computer
The only way to get ringtones for your iPhone is to buy them from iTunes, which, unfortunately, is the only seamless way to get them installed.
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73 How to install the ringtones on your ios device - Cleartones
These instructions are for devices running iOS 11 or above. ... no need to synchronize, the tones should immediately show up in your iPhone's tone picker!
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74 You Have Your iPhone 4S: Now Put a Ringtone on It
New to iOS 5, the iTunes Store includes a special tones store where you can purchase new tones starting at $0.99 for alerts, and $1.29 for ...
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75 2 Key-Ways to Share Ringtones between iPhones - iMyFone
Every iPhone comes with a set of default ringtones, but you can increase your iPhone default ringtone collection by purchasing more from ...
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76 Where do I find previously purchased ringtones?
I am setting up my Galaxy S4 and I don't have any ringtones that I ... click on the download folder and it doesn't show previous history.
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77 How to Set Ringtone in iPhone without iTunes & GarageBand
Unfortunately, iOS devices do not support MP3 format for ringtones. Apple has its own ringtone format called M4R, which makes it impossible to ...
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78 How to buy new ringtones for iPhone? - S Chronicles
Why are my purchased ringtones not showing up on my iPhone? ... Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics, then tap any sound. Tap Download all purchased ...
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79 4 Ways to Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iTunes Library
Go to the "Music" tab to select "Ringtone". Then you will see all the tones categorized on the program. You can now preview them for details.
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80 How to set a ringtone on your iPhone using GarageBand and ...
Your iPhone comes set to the default ringtone out of the box. ... people use iPhones without bothering to change their ringtones, you end up ...
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81 How to Redownload Purchased Ringtones on iPhone and ...
This will show you all previously purchased tones not available on your device at present. If you have already redownloaded purchased tones (or if you have ...
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82 How to Make Ringtones on iTunes for iPhone on Windows
Want to personalize your iPhone ringtone and don't want to purchase a ringtone on ... Boatloads of iTunes alternatives show up to the public which give ...
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83 How to change the alert sounds on your iPhone - The Verge
You can easily change up your iPhone's ringtone, alarm, ... Tones to access your purchased tone — it will appear right at the top of the ...
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84 How to Add Custom Ringtones to Your iPhone - How-To Geek
The “Tones” library you could previously sync with your iPhone has been removed, but you can still manually place ringtone files on your phone.
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85 How to Save Your GarageBand Songs as Custom iPhone ...
You can buy alert tones that show up as such, but Apple locked this category down for some reason in iOS. However, you can still make alert ...
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86 How To Make & Add Custom Ringtone To Your iPhone
How to Change Ringtone on iPhone · Unlock your iPhone. · Look for the Settings app and tap it. · Tap Sounds & Haptics. · Look for the SOUNDS AND VIBRATION PATTERNS ...
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87 How to Add Ringtones to iPhone - Tips Make
Download purchased music ... Open the iTunes Store ringtone store on iPhone. The app is purple with a white musical note in the middle of a white ...
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88 How to Set Apple Music Songs as Ringtone for iPhone
The first one is that you can find and purchase the ringtone on the iTunes Store. If you cannot find one you need, you can use a third-party ...
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89 How to Make a Custom Ringtone on Your iPhone - Mactrast
Earlier this fall, Apple released an update to iTunes (version 12.7), which removed Apps and Tones (ringtones and alert tones) from the ...
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90 How to Set Any Song as iPhone Ringtone without iTunes or PC
While the entire process may not seem to be downright simple, it does work reliably and fills up the void. Therefore, until Apple comes up with ...
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91 How to Change Ringtone on iPhone (iOS 15 Update)
You'll have the option to Set as Default Ringtone, Set as Default Text Tone, and Assign to a Contact. You can also press Done to buy it but not ...
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92 iPhone 13 Pro not Ringing? 18 Tips and Fixes to Try
If you downloaded a third-party or purchased a ringtone to use on your iPhone 13 Pro and it isn't working, it could be a software glitch ...
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93 iTunes 12.7 Giveth, but Mostly It Taketh Apps and Ringtones ...
Although it's not a major number update, it's notable for losing more ... You can no longer download or purchase iOS apps from iTunes on ...
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94 Add Ringtones to iPhone - iMazing
Go to Settings > Sound & Haptics on your iPhone and pick a default ringtone. Edit contacts in your iPhone's Contacts app to set contact specific ...
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95 How to: 8 Ways to Get Ringtones Onto Your iPhone - Gizmodo
However, with the discovery of free iPhone ringtones from inside iTunes ... compatibility workaround to get the Ringtones show up in iTunes.
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96 Make custom iPhone ringtones work with iTunes 7.4.1
In order for them to appear, I had to copy and paste them into the “ringtones” folder in the iTunes music folder and double-click the file.
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97 How to Recover Ringtones on iPhone in 3 Ways - PrimoSync
Trick 1. Recover Ringtones on iPhone with iTunes · If you don't see some tabs under the Settings, it means that they are not in your iTunes ...
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98 Create iPhone Ringtones in iTunes and Transfer to iPhone
Make sure Tones, or Ringtones option is showing under the section Library on the left-panel of iTunes (see screenshot below). If not, click ...
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