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1 Smartphone Survey Report
The purpose of the survey is to understand members' smartphone usage, perceptions, and needs. A brief synopsis of findings is given in the Executive Summary ...
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2 Mobile Phone & Smartphone Market Global Forecast ...
This report analyzes the global mobile phones and Smartphone markets based on: Mobile handsets vendor: Nokia, RIM, Apple, Samsung, Sony Ericsson ...
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3 Mobile Access 2010 | Pew Research Center
65% access the internet on their mobile device; 64% play music on their phones; 60% use their phones to play games or record a video; 52% have ...
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4 Smartphone penetration in the US (share of population) ...
This statistic shows the smartphone penetration as share of the population in the United States from 2010 to 2021.
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5 2010 Year in Review: Mobile Technology and Sustainability ...
More powerful smartphones, iPads and their competitors, and even ... In August, the U.S. Government Accountability Office released a report ...
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6 Smartphone competition to bite in 2010 after Q4 boom - Reuters
Booming demand for new, cheaper smartphones helped fuel a recovery ... “The smartphone market will become ultra-competitive in 2010,” said ...
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7 From 2005 to 2010... - OCLC
Just 2% of American cell phone subscribers owned a smartphone in 2005 (comScore, March 2005). comScore reports that 23%, or nearly 59 million Americans, now own ...
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8 The global handset and smartphone market in the fourth ...
The fourth quarter numbers for the global handset and smartphone ... CNBC reported, noting that BT CEO Philip Jansen even warned the ban ...
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9 Research and Markets: Global Mobile Phone & Smartphone ...
... Smartphone Market (2010 - 2015)" report to their offering. ... end of 2010, the number of mobile phone subscribers reached 5.2 billion.
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10 Smartphones in the U.S.: Market Analysis - IDEALS @ Illinois,%20Scott%20-%20U.S.%20Smartphone%20Market%20Report.pdf
first BlackBerry phone.11. 1 Canalys, Smartphone Market Trends Report 2010/2011,
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11 Report: One-third of US youth have smartphones -
Report: One-third of US youth have smartphones. By Amy Gahran, Special to CNN. December 17, 2010 10:15 a.m. EST | Filed under: Mobile ...
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12 Comscore Reports January 2010 U.S. Mobile Subscriber ...
The report ranked the leading mobile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and smartphone operating system (OS)...
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13 Android smartphone sales leap to second place in 2010 ...
Android became the second most popular smartphone OS in 2010 amid reports that market leader Nokia may abandon its flagship Symbian ...
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14 Smartphone - Wikipedia
A smartphone is a portable computer device that combines mobile telephone and computing functions into one unit. They are distinguished from feature phones ...
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15 Smartphones: Information security risks, opportunities and ...
The report analyses 10 information security risks for smartphone users and 7 information ... Published: December 10, 2010; Authors: Dr. Giles Hogben, ...
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16 How Many People Have Smartphones Worldwide (Nov 2022)
There are over 48% of the world owns a smartphone and more than 63% have a ... at the phone penetration by country data in the next section of this report, ...
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17 Mobile Phones and Economic Development in Africa
Nigeria, and Mozambique are able to report violent confrontations via ... (2010) finds that the introduction of mobile phones reduces dispersion of grain.
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18 A Systematic Review of Healthcare Applications for ... - NCBI
In the annual report published in 2010 by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC), smartphones are defined as mobile devices with ...
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19 Greater Access to Cell Phones Than Toilets in India: UN
2010•04•14 Hamilton. UNU-INWEH report offers 9-point prescription for achieving Millennium Development Goal for sanitation by 2015. Far more people in India ...
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20 Smartphone shipments rose 61% worldwide in 2011, report says
“On a full-year basis, total smartphone shipment volumes reached 491.4 million units in 2011,” up from 304.7 million phones shipped in 2010, the ...
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21 Smartphone Market Share - IDC
Detailed market size and share trends empower companies selling Mobile Phones to get ahead of market changes and compete more effectively.
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22 Cisco Annual Internet Report (2018–2023) White Paper
Smartphones will grow at a 7 percent CAGR within the same period. Global network performance. Accelerating speeds. Fixed broadband speeds will more than double ...
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23 IDC report says smartphones outsell computers for the first time
2010 was defined by a series of explosive growths in the smartphone market. For the first time ever, smartphones have outsold traditional ...
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24 The Relationship Between Smartphone Use and Academic ...
reported that respondents in their research believed that smartphones had ... 2011; 2012; Karpinski et al., 2013; Kirschner & Karpinski, 2010; Rosen et al.,.
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25 Mobile Phones and Economic Development ... - Tufts University
Journal of Economic Perspectives—Volume 24, Number 3—Summer 2010—Pages 207–232 ... Nigeria, and Mozambique are able to report violent confrontations via ...
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26 How Smartphones Are Changing Health Care for Consumers ...
As of February 2010, there were nearly 6,000 such apps in the Apple AppStore. Of these, 73% were intended for use by consumer or patient end- ...
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27 The Mobile Economy 2022 - GSMA
leading research reports across a range of industry topics. ... Digital consumer: smartphone adoption and data traffic continue to rise.
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28 Smartphones bring mixed blessings for newspapers
Orange report shows consumers are reading more content online but buying fewer print products. By Mark Sweney. ... Wed 6 Oct 2010 02.47 EDT.
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29 Mobile Now Accounts for 10% of all Internet Usage Worldwide
... for 10% of Internet usage worldwide, double that of 2010: report ... after the rise in demand and ownership of smartphones and tablets ...
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30 Cell Phones and Cancer Risk Fact Sheet - NCI
What the study showed: Self-reported cell phone use was not associated with an increased risk of glioma, meningioma, or non-central nervous ...
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31 More Americans Have iPhones Than Android Phones for First ...
... Than Android Phones for First Time Since 2010, Research Says ... over the last four years, as the Financial Times reported earlier.
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32 the use and effect of smartphones in students' learning ...
the same report, it is interesting to note that there are more mobile phone ... in the works of Valk, Rashid, & Elder (2010), that, smartphones have made ...
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33 Problematic Mobile Phone and Smartphone Use Scales
Relatedly, self-reported subjective smartphone addiction has been shown ... The Mobile Phone Involvement Questionnaire (Walsh et al., 2010) ...
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34 Redefining scope: the true environmental impact of ...
(2006) report further impacts of mobile phones in terms of ... Averaged life cycle phase distribution for smartphones made after 2010.
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35 Case Study on Critical Metals in Mobile Phones Final Report
Focusing on Sustainable Materials Management in October, 2010 (OECD 2011a, OECD 2011b,. OECD 2011c). These reports establish policy ...
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36 How Do People Use Their Smartphones? - Bits
What did the respondents do with these phones? Download a lot of apps. As of June 2010, according to the report, 59 percent of the ...
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37 How Technology Has Changed the World Since 2010
Smartphones, social media, transportation, dating, ... according to a report by software maker Oracle and MIT Technology Review.
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38 A technical analysis of reliability and repairability aspects
Smartphones are often replaced prematurely because of ... 2010, 440 ... Batteries used in a smartphone released in 2019 were reported to ...
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39 Canalys: Android takes Q2 smartphone market share lead ...
Well, if a new report by Canalys is to be believed, those numbers are ... Android smart phone shipments grow 886% year-on-year in Q2 2010
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40 The scientist and the smartphone | Nature Methods
Published: February 2010. The scientist and the smartphone ... Earlier phones had similar capabilities, but the arrival of the Apple App Store in 2008 ...
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41 Brain Drain: The Mere Presence of One's Own Smartphone ...
Ninety-one percent report that they never leave home without their phones ... 2010). Taken together, these findings suggest that many of the cognitive ...
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42 Mobile telephones more common than toilets in India, UN ...
Mobile telephones more common than toilets in India, UN report finds ... now wealthy enough that roughly half of the people own phones, ...
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43 Smartphones, streaming & social media: Tech that shaped us ...
At the beginning of 2010 smartphones comprised less than 20 percent of ... the company has almost never made a profit (it reported its first ...
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44 A report in 2010 indicates that Americans between the ages of ...
Answer to: A report in 2010 indicates that Americans between the ages of 8 and 18 ... sort of electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, or tablets.
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45 The curse of agility: The Nokia Corporation and the loss of ...
The low-cost strategy won in 2010 and was driven by Nokia's top management for economic and organisational reasons: low-cost mobile phones ...
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46 2020 Business Report - Samsung
For smartphones, a key product of the business, we have developed a ... The year 2010 saw the launch of 3D TVs, and the rise of internet ...
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47 Mobile Operating System Market Share Worldwide
› os-market-share › worldwide
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48 How Android Paved the Way for the Smartphone Revolution
Included in that same rant from 2010 is the line “I'm going to ... Without Android, smartphones might have stayed as they were when he was ...
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49 Measuring smartphone usage and task switching with log ...
(2013). Measuring mobile phone use: Self-report versus log data. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 18, 508–519 ...
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50 Cyber Threats to Mobile Phones - CISA
One study found that, from 2009 to 2010, the number of new vulnerabilities ... “Symantec Report Finds Cyber Threats Skyrocket in Volume and Sophistication.
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51 Decade of the smartphone: 2010s ushered in larger devices ...
How smartphones evolved in the 2010s ... CNET reported that it took Apple and Android app stores about eight years each to surpass 2 million ...
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52 Past and present reports - Mobility Report - Ericsson
Since 2011, the Ericsson Mobility Report has been a leading source of knowledge on state and future of the mobile world. Download the report and find out ...
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53 Mobile phones & literacy: empowerment in women's hands
4 UNESCO-UIL 2013 with reference to St. Clair, R. 2010. 5 The UNESCO EFA Global Monitoring Report 2006: Literacy for Life presents a comprehensive table on ...
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54 Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic
I think we like our phones more than we like actual people. ... in 2007, and high-school students when the iPad entered the scene, in 2010.
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55 Solved According to a 2010 Nielson report, approximately 33%
Transcribed image text: According to a 2010 Nielson report, approximately 33% of American young people who are 15-24 years old have smartphones.
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56 Texting and Driving Accident Statistics - Distracted Driving
Smartphones have made it easy for us to stay connected at all times. ... The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 ...
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57 Report: iPhone 4 Is Most Fragile Smartphone - WIRED
Nov 9, 2010 7:23 PM. Report: iPhone 4 Is Most Fragile Smartphone ... eat the ground and break than other phones, according to a report.
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58 Gartner Says Smartphone Sales Surpassed One Billion Units ...
*The results for Lenovo include sales of mobile phones by Lenovo and Motorola. Apple: Apple reported its best quarter ever in the fourth quarter ...
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59 Smartphone sales 2010 — vendors - QuirksBlog - QuirksMode
In 2010 298 million smartphones were sold worldwide, up from 175 million in 2009, for a healthy 70% growth rate. Total mobile phone sales grew ...
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60 Tools to Compare Estimated and Real-World Smartphone Use
Psychologists typically rely on self-report data when quantifying mobile phone usage, despite little evidence of its validity.
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61 The Smartphone Is Eating the Television, Nielsen Admits
Nielsen also says that traditional TV viewing by all age groups peaked in the 2009-2010 season, and has been on the decline ever since. Until ...
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62 Teens around the world are lonelier than a decade ago. Their ...
As smartphone adoption spread in the 2010s, adolescents spent less time ... noting that most students did not report increased loneliness.
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63 NHTSA Survey Finds 660,000 Drivers Using Cell Phones or ...
Slightly fewer are willing to make a call while driving compared to 2010 (28% to 24%), but there is little if any change in those who answer a ...
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64 Android Statistics (2022) - Business of Apps
Google has struggled to get OEMs to update their smartphones at a ... LG, and others in the mid-2010s, and are now responsible for over 50% ...
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65 30 Surprising Cell Phone Addiction Statistics for 2022
Nomophobia is the official term for smartphone addiction—a rising ... Report also hint at some concerning data on smartphones and sleep ...
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66 How mobile phones are transforming the lives of millions - WIPO
2010. All rights reserved). In early June, Nokia launched a range of new ... According to a report by the Huffington Post, donations from individuals made ...
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67 Mobile phones and your health - Better Health Channel
The release of this WHO statement prompted many people to call for a 'precautionary approach' to mobile phone use. Research is ongoing.
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68 An Analysis of Power Consumption in a Smartphone - USENIX
electronics devices, especially mobile phones, battery ca- ... results reported, because the conversion efficiencies are unknown. ... Last visited January 2010.
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69 Gartner - Worldwide mobile phone sales grew 17% in Q1 2010
That's the news from Gartner, who report that worldwide mobile phone ... "In the first quarter of 2010, smartphone sales to end-users saw ...
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70 The Evolution Of Mobile Phones: 1973 To 2019 - Flaunt Digital
Arguably one of the most successful phone lines in history, Samsung launched the very first Galaxy S in June 2010. With 16GB of storage ...
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71 (PDF) Smartphone Market Research Report | Mayra M F Swann
Smartphone Market Research Report. ... use of different operating systems, “platforms”, differentiates one smartphone to the other (Key Note ltd., 2010).
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72 Growth of the Global Mobile Internet Economy
(The first report examined the mobile Internet's economic impact in the ... Global smartphone sales are expected to have grown 18 percent in ...
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73 How Many People Use Social Media in 2022? (65+ Statistics)
All social networks report growth data on the number of monthly active ... noted a steady increase in internet and smartphone adoption, ...
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74 The average age for a child getting their first smartphone is ...
The report—which is a subsection from a larger, ongoing study of 500 women across the USA—details findings on the way that kids are using ...
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75 Smartphone owners paid less for apps in 2010 - VentureBeat
It looks like smartphone owners are pretty cheap, despite carrying ... popular when compared to 2009, according to a new report by Distimo.
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76 Five billion people to use mobile phones in 2010: UN -
Five billion people to use mobile phones in 2010: UN ... Toure said in a statement at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, ...
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77 The ultimate mobile email statistics overview - Emailmonday
Smartphones and tablets can no longer be ingnored by email marketers. ... Fluent “The Inbox report, Consumer perceptions of email” (2018). mobile-email-read.
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78 Mobile marketing statistics compilation 2021 - Smart Insights
Interestingly, this trend is set to continue, with the Ericsson Mobility Report smartphone analytics predicting a 25% increase in mobile ...
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79 More People Have Cell Phones Than Toilets, U.N. Study Shows
More People Have Cell Phones Than Toilets, U.N. Study Shows ... of its population) have access to toilets, noted a 2010 U.N. report.
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80 Mobile Device Security: Startling Statistics on Data Loss and ...
4.3 percent of company-issued smartphones are lost or stolen every year. ... has nearly doubled from 2005, going from $3.3 million to $7.2 million in 2010.
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81 Email Trends Report: Mobile vs. Desktop - Campaign Monitor
This report will help marketers understand how readers interact with email ... between the ages of 19 and 34 tend to open emails on their smartphones first.
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82 Yes, Smartphones Are Destroying a Generation, But Not of Kids
Teens report near identical levels of happiness regardless ... So what happened between 2007 and 2010 to tee up a shift in teen lifestyles?
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83 How Apple's iPhone changed the world: 10 years in 10 charts
Apple's first iPhone was released 10 years ago this week — on June 29, 2007. While it wasn't the first smartphone, it leapfrogged far beyond ...
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84 Mobile Photography Statistics (2022) | Top 12 Facts - Eksposure
Since 2010, smartphones changed digital camera industry by dropping ... A report showed that 90% of people who have ever taken a photo, ...
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85 History of mobile phones | What was the first ... -
2010: Samsung launched its first Galaxy S smartphone. Usurping former Android giants, HTC, the Samsung Galaxy S range is still the most ...
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86 How the Smartphone is Revolutionizing 10 Industries,c9269681
According to a 2010 survey by Nielsen, shoes, clothing and ... A 2012 Nielsen report found that 29.0% of smartphone owners partake in mobile ...
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87 Smartphones Are Killing The Planet Faster Than Anyone ...
Smartphones are particularly insidious for a few reasons. ... according to Apple environmental reports, the iPhone 7 Plus production created ...
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88 The Real Production Costs of Smartphones - TechWalls
› Gadget
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89 Teens, Smartphones & Texting | FITSNews
About one in four teens report owning a smartphone. ... analysis of the Census Bureau's 2010 Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) ...
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90 Smartphone Market Share: Past, Present, and Future | Fortunly
Desperate for a new strategy, Nokia partnered with Microsoft, selling its phone division, and finally disappearing from the market. The 2010s - ...
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91 Insights, Data Science & Analysis Blog | GfK | smartphone
smartphone | We provide expert industry opinion, insights and trends to help companies make better business decisions. Subscribe for regular updates.
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92 Fifty Essential Mobile Marketing Facts - Forbes
... Pew Reports 2010); There are 271 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. alone. 51 percent of U.K. mobile subscribers have a smartphone.
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93 Animation: How the Mobile Phone Market Has Evolved Over ...
The Early Days of Mobile Phones. Motorola is known for being a pioneer in the mobile phone industry. In 1983, the American company launched one ...
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94 Smartphone use and smartphone habits by gender and age ...
Percentage of smartphone users by selected smartphone use habits in a typical day.
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95 Third of adults 'use smartphone' says Ofcom report - BBC News
Facebook was the most visited website on handheld devices, with 43 million hours spent on it in December 2010. Ofcom's annual Communications ...
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